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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Time Flies Whether You Use It or You Don't

I used to think I had my life all figured out, I thought I knew what I wanted but I was wrong. I always say I have time, I am still young but I know I won’t be young forever. I have always wanted to find some sort of direction, some calling, something for me to chase after and to be passionate about but the only thing I am passionate about at this moment is fitness but what else? I feel there should be something bigger out there that I have to be chasing. I feel I’m capable of achieving whatever I want but the problem is that I don’t know what I want, I guess you could say I am sort of lost.
does time exist?
How do you view the concept of time?

In the mean time while I try to find myself I have to study so that I have a secure future, because life is horrible to people without money and education is the easiest and safest way to make money, even though education does not guarantee employment, it increases chances of employment. I have no passion for what I am studying that is the problem because I am not sure if it’s what I want but I can’t just sit around and do nothing.  

What I do know is that I want to be my own boss some day, and I want to live a free, comfortable life. I always hated the idea of following orders without question and always relying on someone else for anything. I am a loner, I am dependent only on myself, and I hate owing people so I will try by all means to make sure I do not owe anybody. Sure sometimes it’s good to let others in and accept help when you need it but it’s not in my nature to ask for help/assistance. Heck there have been times in the past couple years when I should have asked for help and I did not, and I suffered because of it.
making the most of your time
Do you take advantage of the time you have each day?

I want to start using my time effectively, learn to trust other people and accept and ask for help if there is a need for it. Time really flies; I don’t want to be 30 and have kids without having ever achieved anything or followed my dreams. I don’t want to regret not doing things; I would rather make mistakes and learn from them, than be too cautious and not go anywhere. I feel like I was in High School just yesterday yet it’s been like 4 years, I guess the next thing I will be 30 and feel like 21 was just yesterday as well. Getting older happens without you noticing, it flies by through the good and the bad times, through your failures and successes, the best thing to do is not waste too much time and pursue what you want, even taking the long way around if you know how it’s connected to your ultimate goal. But before you can do all that chasing you have to know what you are chasing after and why...

Sunday, 18 November 2012

You Are Who You Believe You Are – You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

you are who you believe you are
You Are Who You Believe You Are

It is amazing how much one can achieve just by believing that they can do something. It is important to believe in your capabilities just as it is important for those people around you to be positive people who believe in you, people who believe that you can achieve whatever you put effort into achieving.

I was reading Mind Powers: How to Use and Control Your Unlimited Potential and I have to say that reading that book was quite eye opening, I learned that quite a lot could be achieved by tapping into your brain whether it was becoming more successful, seeing the world or yourself in a more positive light or even healing yourself from illness just by believing you will get better and that you are healthy.

Stay Away From Negative People

Reading the book further confirmed to me the importance of staying away from negative influences, people who bring you down, people who want you to fail and believe you are good for nothing. Staying away from these negative people is the first step to becoming positive and successful because they make you believe you are good for nothing, and by believing it, you never live up to your full potential. So to start thinking positively getting away from negative influencers can be a great help.

Negative Parents

Sometimes these negative influencers could be your own parents, who constantly remind you of how useless you are and that you can never amount to anything. If that is the case there are a number of ways to go about changing their influence on you, one way is to confront them and tell them that their actions and behaviour are affecting you negatively and that putting you down only serves as a negative. Tell them that instead of putting you down they should be encouraging you to chase after your dreams. If that fails maybe moving away from your parents is your best option, this is if you are old enough to move away from home to start a life away from your negative influencers.

Negative Teachers

Some people are let down by their teachers, the people who are supposed to guide us, the people who mould us into what we are from the moment we start our education. Usually with teacher’s first impressions count and when a student does not do well in a test, the student usually starts disliking the subject or school instead of working harder, because most teachers give up on the students with the lower to average marks and pay more attention to the higher achievers (IMO).

 I had this very same problem, when I was in the 9th and 10th grades of high school I used to do very well in all my subjects except in the languages, I did not understand why I was doing so badly in the languages so I just thought I was a math and science kind of student, my English teacher did not have much confidence in me and soon I had no confidence in myself I ended up ignoring the language subjects altogether which made sure my marks never improved but they never decreased either. I was always a c student in languages.

However this started to change in the 11th grade with a change of teacher, this teacher seemed to care a lot about my progress and it was obvious that the teacher believed I could get higher marks than I was currently getting if I put more effort into it. The teacher always gave me a hard time and I was irritated at the time because I always got in trouble with her, she always seemed concerned. Later upon reviewing the 11th grade I realised that teacher really cared and in turn I started caring about my work as well which led to and increased interest in the subject especially in poetry and short stories. My marks increased a little I progressed from a C student to a B+ student.

Finally in the 12th grade I made the conscious decision that I was going to become an A student, my changed mindset   coupled with the fact that I had a great English teacher that I was fond of made it easy for me to attain my goal of getting that A. At first I was surprised at the results I was getting, the teacher had confidence in me and that further boosted my own self confidence. I also started reading a lot more which helped me improve my language skills.

I believe that most teachers start out loving their jobs thinking they will be appreciated by students, but most students suck and do not appreciate their teachers, this lack of appreciation and the low salaries teachers earn  leads to teachers hating their jobs and not being the most positive influencers. Only teacher’s pets and top students get the right kind of attention and encouragement/positive reinforcement from teachers to get the best out of their education. Teachers reward interested students, they like it when students ask them questions and show interest in their subject, that is the reason they became teachers in the first place. So to get the best out of school the best thing to do is start showing interest and ask questions, if that does not change, the student teacher relationship then maybe a change of teacher could do you some good. You want to be taught by someone who sees potential in you and helps you reach your full potential, not someone who sees you as good for nothing and a waste of space.

Image By: h.koppdelaney

Negative Friends

Perhaps this is something that could hold you back the most, because your friends are a representation of who you are. We usually hang out with likeminded people or so I would like to think. Hanging out with the wrong type of friends could be disastrous; many people have been led to a life of drugs and crime/gangs because of their friends.

One of my favourite shows at the moment is Suits, one of the main characters Mike Ross is a genius who was kicked out of university for helping others cheat of their tests. The reason he got into trouble most of the time was because of his friend Trevor. He was always helping Trevor out in some sort of illegal scheme and he always seemed to be affected by the negative consequences of those actions. In Trevor’s latest scheme, Mike was to help him sell a suitcase full of weed but what Trevor did not tell Mike is that he overheard the drug dealers he was dealing with saying that the deal could be a set up and that whoever was caught with the weed would spend a long time in prison.  Had it not been for the fact that Mike was very smart; he would have been caught and taken yet another fall for his friend Trevor.

Old friends from back when you were doing not so well and friends like Trevor are usually not good friends especially if they are still in the same messed up situation you left them in. They do not like to see others progress, they always want to bring you back down instead of trying to improve themselves.  Stay away from such negative influencers for they are not true friends, they are like a disease you need to be cured of.

Believing is a step towards being

Imagine your dream life, believe that it is attainable and work towards achieving each goal towards that dream and slowly but surely your dreams will come true. Do not let negative influencers into your life, surround yourself with what is positive and you will in turn become a positive person with self belief powering your motor. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Importance of Writing Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals
Goal setting leads to success

Many times we say we are going to do something, we often end up not doing it because we forgot about it. It is because we never made a real commitment to begin with, so it becomes easy to let things slide.

Why You Should Write Your Goals Down

To make a commitment, writing your goals down is like signing a contract with yourself a promissory of sorts. 

When you write your goals down place the piece of paper where you write those goals down where you see it every day, so you are constantly reminded about what you set out to achieve. This makes it impossible for your goals to slip your mind.

Writing down a long term goal into smaller short term goals which together get you to your long term goals, will let you see you progress as you tick or scratch off all that you have achieved, this also lets you see how much work you still have left for you to accomplish your goals.

If you write down the reason you wanted to achieve you goals in the first place, you are inspired and motivated everyday by the memory brought about by the visual stimulus which is the promissory note/contract with yourself.  

The written goal also serves as reference in the end when you evaluate your progress, you can look at your list of goals and check which goals you achieved and which ones you failed to accomplish, upon analysing you can then write down what you think you did wrong and what you can do to make sure you correct the mistakes you made the first time around. Even in failure you will learn, so you know that you did not waste time but gained valuable experience.

Also apart from writing your goals down you should tell people what you want to achieve and when, so that they can hold you accountable if you do not do what you publicly shared with others. You should share it with your friends and family members. Anyone that will make you feel like shit if you fail at what you set out to achieve.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Glee has become too Gay

I loved the first season of Glee, because I am a musical person at heart, it was a awesome to see people of different backgrounds, from the cool cheerleaders and football players to the less cool gays and theatre hopefuls hanging out together. It was cool to see music bringing different cliques together; it was even more amazing to see them sticking together even when the rest of the school was against them.
hit TV show glee too gay

I know that the show is far from being realistic just like a bollywood movie, life is not a musical, but it was sort of more realistic in the first season then it is now. Most of my male friends do not watch this show because it s a bit on the gay side, they prefer watching something like supernatural. I am a series guy in general hence I watch most series.

There are a few things I disagree with in general with the direction the show has taken in the most recent two seasons. They give people the impression that all boys only private schools are filled with gay guys or atleast that the guys in the glee clubs are homosexual which is actually not true, I have friends who went to all boys schools and were in choirs and they are certainly not gay( not that there is anything wrong with being gay). In Glee they makes Kurt’s boyfriend (Blaine) who used to be the leader of that all boys school private school glee club gay, they also make his replacement gay as well.

They also make the big bully guy (karofsky) that used to bully Kurt gay. I know that they are trying to say that it is okay for kids who are gay to come out of the closet, and they are trying to show them they are not alone but I do not think it is the right direction to lead the show. The last time I checked I thought the show was about music and not sexual orientation, I feel that the show could potentially put off a lot of straight guys from being in glee clubs if that gives off an impression of being gay, kids are not nice especially to gay kids (I know the show is trying to stop bully especially because of sexual orientation but I feel this leads to more bullying).

Oh and one final thing they also make the Santana chick a lesbian and her girlfriend Britney who really does not know herself is bi-sexual since she swings both ways, making a large portion of the regular cast homo sexual which is not a true representation of the real world. I still like the singing part of the show but I do not get the direction they are taking with the show.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cool 20 minute series on TV

I love television, I love watching documentaries especially those by National Geographic Channel, and I love watching cool movies every now and then.  What I love the most is watching series especially those 40 to 50 minute series such as True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Supernatural, and Homeland and so on. I like series because do not need to cramp the whole storyline into only two ours; we get to explore the story and understand the characters. Series leave us wanting to see more, there are always mysteries and unanswered questions that keep us coming back for more week in and week out.  When I do not have time to watch hour long series there is nothing better than watching something for just 20 minutes and then going back to which ever urgent matters demand my attention afterwards.

As I said before I am a series guy, and if there is a series old or new that I have not watched I will watch it to see if I like it, often I will watch my favourites first, then when the shows are still in production I will catch up on series that I have never watched before, For example I only started watching Boston Legal last year and I have since watched all 5 seasons and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I only watched lost for the first time last year and I enjoyed the first couple of seasons until it started getting boring for me. There are so many awesome series out there waiting to be watched, there are so many of them, that you can’t really watch them all at the same time.

When I am bored and have watched all my favourites I give other series a chance and may end up enjoying them. I am not a critic I do not really compare series, I appreciate what the writers were trying to portray.

Going back to the 20 minutes series or whatever you call those I would like to mention some of my favourites at the moment.
JESS YOU cute Dork YOU

Okay here goes my favourite at the moment has to be New Girl; this series is based around a dorky girl Jess who catches her weirdo hippy like boyfriend cheating then moves out. She then moves into a loft with 3 weird single guys (Nick, Winston (who replaced Coach), and Schmidt). Jess has a hot model as a best friend (Cece).

My other favourite 20 minute sitcom is the popular Big Bang Theory which is about the lives of 2 geniuses (Sheldon and Leonard) and their friends. It is very funny and sees the world, dating, fun and friendship through their eyes. My favourite character there is Sheldon by a long short, his comments always make me laugh and the fact that he does not understand sarcasm is very amusing.
Community bunch of weirdos

Another show I love watching, that cracks me up is Community, this show follows a group of friends in community college, one of whom used to be a hot shot lawyer (Jeff), another is an old sort of racist white man who is rich and always says wrong offensive things (Pearce). I loved the first season of this show it was killer, especially the characters of Troy and Abed, I like the second season but not as much as the first.
oh TEDDY boy when will you meet the mother

Oh and how can I forget How I Met Your Mother, yes this story follows Ted as he narrates or tells his kids how he met their mother, the show follows him and his friends, Lilly, Marshall, Robin and Barney. Barney is by far the most entertaining character on the show, the guy is Legend.....wait for it...ary! All he does is make up rules about getting women and the Bro Code. He is a womaniser but I’m sure even girls grow to love him as he is a good person. Also Barney Always wears a suit unless other people are wearing a suit or in sad situations.  
Old 2 and a half men crew

My other favourite show used to be Two and a Half men – The show that used to be based around Charlie Sheen as Charlie, his brother Allen and Allen’s idiot son.   Charley is basically like his real life character, drinks too much and uses women and also solicits prostitutes.

I used to love Scrubs as well, Doctor Dorian is a legend. I still re-watch Scrubs when I have got nothing better to do just because it was so awesome. It followed a Doctor with a very active imagination and his unusual bromance with Turk his best friend , the show went downhill in its final season when Doctor Dorian who made the show what it was, was no longer the main character.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Citizen of the world

Many people will grow up in a certain town, state/province and then they will get married to someone from there and never move away from that place, I do not agree with that kind of a life where you live your life not having seen anything not having explored your country or even other countries. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with living like that, I just think is boring and we have got to see more of the world since we only have one lifetime to live, so we have to see as much as we can and live life until our battery goes empty.

There are many reasons people never move away from the place they are born, but the most common is that many people cannot afford to, they live from “pay check to pay check” so moving and travelling can be a difficult task. Others just enjoy being in their comfort zone, within reach of family members, where mommy and daddy can lend a hand. They need to know that should any problem arise then they will have the family structure to support them. The place or area where you grew up is also the place where you have child hood friends who you have known forever and you trust they also form part of your support structure.
the globe is a big place but its much easier to travel now

Another thing that always keeps people from seeing the world or even their country is the traditional structure of life, people simply finish high school, find a job or go to university then finds a job and pretty soon they have kids and get married and it’s all downhill from there, you will never really do anything you wanted before you had all this responsibility, you are now caught in the parenthood trap (although many people aspire just to be good parents). If you get a great job you might still be able to travel with your family but it rarely happens.

For some it’s going to university that lets them see a different part of the world far away from home, which will give them a new perspective and they will probably never go back home because they now know just how backwards or boring home is. They recognise that there are more opportunities for growth both financially and personally elsewhere. For many other people university is not an option (as my friend ED once said “university is a privilege”). People who do not go to university are most likely to stay in their home towns or states/provinces doing menial jobs that do not afford them the opportunity to see the world (and that are a shame). They are also more likely to get caught in the baby trap much earlier than university goers which in turn will make life more difficult and make it harder for them to pursue their dreams.

I am not saying this is true for everyone but these are just generalisations based on what I have seen. I do not want to live in one place for a long period of time; I want to see different places, to experience different cultures. I do not want to get caught in the baby trap before I have lived as an individual, I want to find myself first before any major life changes, and I also just do not agree with the norms, maybe I just like to be the outcast all the time. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

It Hardly Ever Snows In Africa

Africa is known for many things, its beauty, which are its wildlife, which include all the animals and plants as well as the coastline and the marine species found all around African ocean area. Its the culture, which is still alive and well because Africa is not as developed as the western world, we have so many different tribes even within my own country, and each have their own customs. We have many languages just like any place with a lot of colourful clans desperate to keep their own culture and language in a modernising world.
Pictures of winter

The thing about Africa well most of it anyways is that it is always hot, its hot all year round in most places, or it does not get as cold as other continents. There are few places in Africa that actually snow, so most African people do not know what it actually means to feel cold or have a white Christmas. I have only seen snow once in my life and where I live it may snow again after 20 years maybe because of some unusually cold weather. The only places that really always experience snow and where people get to Ski in the winters are areas that are mountainous such as the Drakensberg  Mountains here in SA and other mountainous areas in Lesotho, the other place I know in Africa that people can go for a Skiing vacation here in Africa is in Morocco.

As I was saying we really do not have white Christmases and I do not get why people still advertise Santa Claus in his made for winter costume when Christmas is always in the middle of summer here. We have a tradition of having a braai here in SA unlike the indoors stuff done in cold countries or should I say since we can’t have snow man we have BBQ’s (braai’s), we are a meat loving nation, you can tell by working around the street by the amount of out of shape people.

More traditional people slaughter cows, goats or sheep during festivals including Christmas where friends and family or even the community come to feast and enjoy the day together.  Watching movies made overseas which is what everyone does since not many movies are made here, I am sure lots of people want to know what it’s like to ski, to take part in winter sports, but I’m pretty sure some are happy with the warm climate and would not be able deal with snow storms where there is so much snow that you are trapped under piles of snow and cars can’t start and roads are not even visible so people are stuck in their houses.

I hope to visit some place where it snows some day, and be able to do some skiing and make a snowman and throw snow balls but I feel it’s better that we do not have such cold weather, there are too many poor people whom I feel would be ill-equipped for extremely cold weather.

Till it snows here or global warming does some crazy shit we shall continue to enjoy this warm climate, and mildly cold winter temperatures.

UPDATE 2012/09/08

Towards the end of winter its was snowing in places all around South Africa (places in KZN, Gauteng and the Freestate and other provinces that I cannot recall), some people for the first time got a chance to make snowman, family's were stopping on freeways where it was possible to do so just to take pics in the snow. Winter is over now here in the southern hemisphere, we have now experienced some rain to welcome the spring (3 days in a row without stopping, glad it was gentle rain though or else there would have been floods). 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Most attractive girl/skinny girl/curvy girl/fit girl/fat girl

I would like to think that I am a fit guy, I workout and I have what may be referred to as a lean muscular body (even though at the moment I am trying to gain more muscle). I as a guy who works out do not expect  a chick who I am interested in or even involved with to go to the gym, heck most chicks I and most of my friends are attracted to are normal chicks who do not even workout. Being a black guy I have a preference of course for women who are curvy (not that all black guys prefer curvy women). And when I say curvy I do not mean fat girls, I am not into fat girls I feel they are unhealthy and should seriously consider a change in diet and maybe consider working out.
Joelle as beautiful skinny fitgirl

Some of these curvy women may be considered fat by others because from a certain stand point they may be slightly overweight but I have no issues with that. Girls with a little cellulite and some fat on their belly are normal and I still find them attractive, they have that hourglass or pear shape with wide hips that makes them look attractive because that whole shape makes them different from males.

I am not usually attracted to skinny girls as well because they lack shape and vital features that appeal to me (breasts that are average or bigger, butts that are shapely and not flat), they look more like teenage boys to me but since this is just my opinion I know that there are guys out there who like the skinny chicks.

Having an athletic chick that works out and has a nice shapely body is a dream for most dudes including me but having a tight athletic hot babe body alone is using unless it’s not a serious relationship you are looking for. Since I love being in shape and working out a fit chick could be a good match.

Going back to the fat girl topic, I do not give fat girls the time of day, nor flirt or give them any reason to think I am attracted to them. I do not like being an asshole especially to nice people, so I will be friend’s maybe, but not to the point where I lead a fat chick on. In bodybuilding forums the fat chicks are referred to as WHALES (mean, I know – Gym guys are douche bags, I am one I should know). Fat people come up with all sorts of excuses like low self esteem (who do you suppose should change that for you?), comfort eating (eating to solve your problems creates more problems so why do you continue to do that? Are you an idiot?), and they call them self shapely and curvy as a excuse (the curvy guys speak of is a shape like pear shape and hour glass figure not irregulars troughs and crests of skin folds all over the body).

 I know it’s a bit mean (I did say I was a bit of a douche bag) but you are responsible for your own health and well being, excuses get your nowhere. Unless you have some medical cause for why you keep piling on weight, you have no real excuse, you are just lazy and do not care enough for your own health.

Being obese increases the chances of you getting health problems and I am not attracted to people who do not care about how they look or those that do nothing about it but make it worse. Your body is your temple it’s your own responsibility to look after it.

I got a little side tracked there; my point is the average chick could be the most beautiful girl to me, because personality trumps all other things. I have been into more normal chicks than hot tight fit chicks because I found that in super hot chicks there is often some attitude issues (again this is just my opinion, you can make up your own mind). Moreover I like girls who can stand up for themselves and not just take my shit. Chicks with more than just looks are the most attractive, looks pull you in but they do not keep you interested even through the B.S. And I am not saying I could not fall for a fatty, all I am saying is I would never be happy with the way she looks, her body would disgust me even if I was attracted to her personality which is not a good thing.

For the love of violence

I love fighting, I love watching people fight, I love being in fights (with only ones body as a weapon), I love beating people up and them beating me up much the same. In a world where people are crying out for piece violence still reigns supreme. The world will never be at piece, there is always someone bombing and killing people somewhere around the world. I love fair fighting but I do not support violence using weapons with the intension to kill anyone.

We all have violence in our blood, perhaps I more so than some of you, for I come from a warrior bloodline where young boys would be taught to fight and face each other on a regular basis. Sadly this does not happen much in my generation, it ended with my father’s generation.

Mike Tyson once the worlds most dangerous man

As a kid I would watch movies, action movies and martial arts movies from china, at the end of the movie I like any other normal boy would be so pumped that I wanted to try out some of the moves that I saw in the movies. I could not wait to visits a friend and practice the moves with him. My friends and I which was basically all the kids in our neighbourhood would host fighting competitions to see who the best fighter was and just to have fun kicking each other’s asses.  I ruled for a while amongst my age group and others a couple years older but everyone gets their ass kicked even me.

I liked facing guys that I felt would challenge me, not weaklings who I could easily defeat, that was not fun. That’s why I liked facing older guys because I knew they were stronger than I was and would possibly kick my ass, and I always did my best and got better with practice.

Many times if I beat someone up and it was at their backyard I had to run home since I got in trouble with their parents especially their mothers. My mother had no problem with me since I never complained to her. Plus if I told her anything about someone beating me up, she would go to that person’s house and embarrass me and that was not what I wanted, I wanted to be seen as a badass not a sissy.

I was a good student in school I mean so I would eventually go the library and get books about fighting and read up and practice those fighting techniques. I read about different styles of fighting from Karate to Judo and everything in between.

The problem with me is I loved fighting, I was shy and soft spoken and one of the smallest kids around so new kids would try and pick on me only to have their asses kicked. I did not really know how to solve conflict, so if someone was irritating me, swearing me or making fun of me I would simply kick the ass. I realised that kicking peoples asses was not the right thing to do because martial arts teaches you self control, but I never ever started conflict so that was the excuse I always had after kicking someone’s ass and I always had a 3 warning system whereby I would warn you 3 times if you were doing something that made me angry and on the 3rd strike I would kick your ass without any further warning.

I was not a bully because I did not go around beating innocent people up but I did have anger issues and I had a bad way of resolving conflict which was fighting. Funny enough after fighting with most guys, we would become friends afterwards. I beat up many kids and I got beaten up a few times myself either by my opponents or their older brothers but I always had a never give up attitude, I fought even when the odds were against me, till the end which was mostly when people usually adults came and stopped us.

I am older now, I do not fight as often because I practice self control and use other methods of conflict management but there are still some situations where a serious ass kicking is needed. My most recent fight after many years of not fighting was last year when my varsity friends and I were at a KFC drive-thru and we were attacked by some random violent idiot who was later joined by other idiots in what eventually became a street brawl. All I can say is, people got hurt, guns were involved (not shot was fired only threats until the issue was resolved), shoes got lost (lol, my friend lost his sandal when we were being chased by armed idiots), cops were involved. In the end it was one of my most adventurous nights out, at some point I thought I was going to die.

Anyways the world is a violent place, there will never be peace, you can try however hard to bring peace to earth but that is not possible. I love wrestling, I love MMA, I love boxing/kickboxing and so do a lot of other people, I love GOD OF WAR and other violent games and lots of people love those as well so that is my 2 cents on violence. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sort of new awesome series to watch on TV

I love watching television but ever since I went to university I have not been watching normal television shows, all I watch these days are series and movies and most of the time I watch them on my laptop. I have only gone to the cinema a couple of times in the past three years, I am not a fan of watching movies I prefer watching series because series last longer and they seem to have a certain flow, series tell the whole story whereas in movies the story is often compressed in that one and a half or two hours.

Most of the times I like to watch full seasons at a time because I cannot stand to wait seven days just to watch another episode. I like watching old complete series by watching them from season one till the end for example I had not watched Boston Legal before so last year I got seasons one till five and watch the whole thing within two weeks.

Last year was a good year for series there were a lot of new awesome series to come out as well as other series which were continuing. I am going to tell you about the series that I liked that came out last year.

List of awesome new series:

Game of Thrones – This is an awesome new medieval fantasy based in the Seven Kingdoms of  Westeros that chronicles, the violent power struggles among the kingdoms noble families over the Iron Throne . For additional information go to

Homeland – This fantastic show follows two main characters a CIA agent whose job is tracking down terrorists and a US Marine who was believed to be dead for 8 years, and has now been returned home. The CIA agent suspects that the marine was turned and is now working for the terrorists. The series follows how the CIA agent Carrie obsesses over proving that Brody the marine was turned. She finds a way to get closer to him and develops feelings for him later on in the season. The show keeps you guessing you are never really sure if Brody was turned or not until the final few episodes of the first season. For additional information go to

Suits – This Series has two main characters Harvey Specter a top lawyer at a top Harvard only firm who has just been promoted to senior partner at the law firm. As a senior partner he has to hire an associate that is when we meet Mike Ross the second main character, he is a young genius who got mixed up with the wrong crowd and got kicked out of college. He cheats for other people by taking the LSATs for them. Harvey Hires Mike as his associate who not only did not go to Harvard but does not even have a law degree. For more information go to

Teen wolf – Teen wolf is an amazing new supernatural werewolf series which follows the main character Scott McCall who is a high school student and social outcast who is bitten by a werewolf while looking for a dead body with his best friend Stiles in the woods. His life is transformed after the bite; he becomes faster and has better senses which make him better at lacrosse which increases his popularity.  He meets a new girl soon after he is bitten and falls in love with her not knowing that she comes from a family of werewolf hunters. For additional information check out

Boardwalk Empire –Although this show came out in late 2010 I only found out about it in 2011, It has completed two seasons already now. This show is based on the story of Enoch L. Johnson a political figure who rose to prominence in and controlled Atlantic City in New Jersey in the 1920s-1930s during the years of the prohibition. The character based on him in the series is Enoch “Nucky” Thompson. In order to rule Atlantic City Nucky interacts with all sorts of characters such as politicians, mobsters, government agents, and the public who look up to him. The government also investigates Nucky Thompson’s connection with illegal activities in Atlantic City. For additional information check out

Well that is all the new series that I found interesting and had time to watch last year, im sure there are other great new series waiting to be discovered.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What is it about celebrities that make the world so banana’s over them

Celebrities are the talk of every town; put their face on something and it sells. Just think about it, put a celebrity on an advert and people want to find out about it. Put their name on a fragrance, clothing line, sunglasses, a cell phone or any other product and it sells. I just do not get it.
Celebrities are known to be the leaders in fashion, they are the trend setters, and they are also severely criticized when they have fashion flops. All the attention is on them, and I guess it’s all that attention that brings them bags of money.

And sure a lot of celebrities are good looking but most of them are weird looking and maybe that’s why they are so appealing to the masses. A friend of mine said to me just the other day that people do not want to see people like them on TV that is not interesting, that is why you get people who are not necessarily attractive on TV because they are interesting, you get these exotic looking girls in movies to create this feel like the movies are removed from reality because we are not usually exposed to people who look like that.
 My friend even said look at models for example they are not necessarily beautiful with the exception of the Victoria’s Secret Angels but what makes them appealing to the fashion world because it is as much of an art as it is about clothing is that they are unusually tall for females and have weird features not usually found in the general population.
beautiful victorias secret angel
Victorias Secret Angel- highly paid for beauty

Some celebrities especially male celebrities use their physique to get to the top but it is not like they have the most amazing physique out there, I’m am sure there are a lot of guys out there who have great bodies but do not use them to their advantage except for getting the occasional girl or two. You will also find celebs marketing fitness products for abs when they themselves do not have the most ripped abs but it sells because they know how to market them and get the attention they need combined with the modern day obsession with celebrities to earn millions of dollars.
This all makes me think of the many guys out there who are leaving money without even knowing it, do you know how much of a killing guys make in fitness just by marketing fitness products, lots of people would pay for a proven blueprint just to get abs if you have the correct way of presenting your results and promoted yourself. The internet has now made it possible for normal guys like you and be to be able to market ourselves and become online celebrities and if not internet celebrities at least you could attain the reach of a celebrity.

Going back to this funny thing of being a celebrity, maybe not everyone can handle being a celeb because they are many downsides to being well known, you lose your privacy. Everything that you do becomes public knowledge, some celebs get death threats and crazy stalkers. Some people believe the characters played by celebrities are real. The media looks for all the bad stuff you do because that sells more, scandals get more attention for them. The celeb lifestyle is expensive and must be fun but many celebrities end up with drug problems, or problems with alcohol abuse and many can’t seem to have lasting relationships and marriages. The truth is some of us were not meant to be celebrities.
Paris famous heiress

On the other side of the celebrity spectrum there are the attention whores, the celebrities who would do anything to be talked about. These celebs would do things like expose their drugs problems, have public wardrobe malfunctions, flash their private parts purposefully in public, make sex tapes, date much younger men or much older women if they are male nobodies looking to get famous and spend the old MILF’s cash. There are even celebs that are famous for being famous, because they have a lot of money and hang out with famous people doing shit that always puts them in the tabloids and other trashy media outlets.

I do not get this celebrity obsession, and how it came into being. All I know is it get these people a lot of money and with money comes a whole lot of other stuff like, power, influence, drugs,  girls and toy boys. We are not all made for fame, if I could choose between just being rich and being famous, I would choose to be just rich with a low public profile.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

What kind of person are you – the loner or the social type

I have always been a loner, ever since I could remember I preferred being by myself rather than being with other people. I always thought it was because of my parents and the fact that we moved a lot, and this being a loner thing was a result of the fact that every time we moved I had to leave my old friends and make new ones.

I always had two kinds of friends, my neighbourhood friends and my friends at school, the school I went to was always a bit far from the place I lived and I always seemed to go to a different school than my neighbourhood friends. As time went on a we moved once more I stopped making neighbourhood friends and only had friends at school, the problem was they were also sort of like me, antisocial types so we got along just fine.
I did not really like attention from people because I felt if I was popular than I would have to deal with speaking to people I do not like, dealing with negative people and people who did things I was against at that time. My not being social, not being seeing anywhere created this mysteriousness around me. No one really understood me; in fact I did not understand myself. People would come to me and say they know my type and that people like me, the silent type are the ones people should watch out for. Others have even said if anyone could commit those mass murder type killings it would be me.

I was a pretty weird kid most of the time against most of what people said, maybe because I did not want to be associated with what the majority of people did or believed. I thought people did not think first, they just did and followed and I was against sheepish behaviour. This was around the time I started to question my own religion, I figured I had never really had or chosen my own religion up until that point I believed what my parents had led me to believe.

I was a heavy thinker, sometimes I would think of the weirdest things. I felt like what was the brain for if not to think, I wanted to understand people and how they behave or react and sometimes I would deliberately do something or say something to someone to see how much I could get away with saying or doing. I found that most people did not get my style of interaction until it was absolutely blunt and in their face.

Most of the time I did not care what others thought of me, in fact I did not want to interact with most people but there were a few people I did care about. I cared about what they thought of me and hoped that they saw through my shields and external toughness. Only one person has ever really understood me in my life and that mostly because we were alike and she figured out my tells but also the fact that I let her in. I guess I understand now why people who are/who were in love break down when they are hurt in relationships; it is because they have exposed themselves to their partners and they are at their most vulnerable. Their partners know how to hurt them but as people especially people in love we hope that our partners will not hurt us and use this vulnerability to show our trust. When this trust is shattered it could take anything from months to years to ever open up to someone else like that again.

When I left home and went to university I was introduced to a whole new world, see I was a loner but I have never had a difficult time getting along with other people, most of the time I just chose not to interact with others or to take the initiative and introduce myself to others. I met a few guys early on because I lived in a mixed residence with both guys and girls. We got close pretty early on and by a few weeks time all the cliques had been already formed. Instead of sitting by myself all day every day, I would watch soccer with the guys, watch rugby with the guys, watch movies, series and play x-box 360 with the guys. We would smoke hubbly bubbly and go out to clubs with the guys to just pick up chicks and have fun. I had never before spent so much time with other guys with the exception of when I was still a kid before our first move.

I finally realised that because I never really had a hard time socialising it was my parent’s fault that I became antisocial because of all the moving around. I in turn stopped interacting with others because maybe I felt that I would make new friends and would have to leave them soon. I did not want to form emotional ties that I would soon have to forget.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Be your own person - Do what you want to do

Take Back Control of Your Life

Its time to take back control of your life, that is assuming that you ever had control of your own life. At first it was your parents that controlled you, it was them who laid the foundation for who you were going to be, then it was your friends or lack of friends that made you a certain way. As you grew older it was society that controlled how you behaved through its judgement and conservative outlook. It was society who put you in a box with the rest of the people.

Be Different

To be something in this world you have to be different, you have to break free from the societal hold and finally express your true self. Your true-self is the only person that will leave a mark in this world, its your true self that is inside you that wants to be introduced to the world. Pleasing others by being this timid people pleasing person does not get you anywhere, its time to break free and do what you feel like doing. People have jobs they do not enjoy because they have no self belief to push hard and do what they really want to do, Guys are afraid of girls because they were never thought to communicate, their parents failed them. People lack creativity because 12 years of education ripped the creativity right out of them. What happened to the little kid who used to draw things around him, the kid who used to draw animals, trees, buildings, the kid who ran around freely with no care in the world, I will tell you what happened. As the years went by that little kid lost a part of himself until eventually he was like everybody else.

Do What others are not willing to do

When someone is a deviant everyone including the people you call your friends try so hard to make you like them, but what they do not realise is that we are not meant to be the same. As long as no laws and hearts are broken you can do what-ever you feel like doing. Some of us were not meant to work in offices and live in the same place till we push daises, people say the world is your oyster and yet they restrict themselves to what they are comfortable with. The many people who are successful are not successful because they have some special gift, they are successful because they were willing to do what others were not willing to do. In many things in life if you put in the hard work, if you sweat, fail and rise even stronger and smarter from your failures surely you shall conquer.

If you want something in life you work your butt off now so that you will have the comfort you seek later and then some...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


If you think about it, life is supposed to be simple, we are born we grow up, mature find a mate and make babies, raise the babies and die. That happens but there is some Sh*t that happens in between that f*cks up the whole simplicity of this process. The truth is we humans are mostly self serving and and hate it when others are better than us so we complicated things. I want to you to just look at what drives the average human to do certain tasks, things like sex, and money.

Most people spend their lives chasing after riches, their whole life is based around the acquisition of supposed power that comes with having lot of money. People would do anything for money, they would kill, steal, sell kids, sell drugs and even sell themselves just to make some money. The concept of money brought with it all this negative stuff. 
freedom launching into space
being the best richest most powerful - launching yourself to the top

The other main thing that drives people is sex, some guys spend their lives chasing tail, even the rise in sexually transmitted diseases has not stop people from spreading their legs or digging in every hole that permits. I have to say that as a guy I think about sex all the time and everything I do is to in the end be able to get into some girls pants, even initial attraction is sexual  desire. When most guys see a girl they have already decided whether they would bang them or not and all the steps following that such as the flirtation, asking out, dancing, buying of drinks and treating the girl extra special and giving her all those compliments and attention is just so the guy can get into her pants. Relationships are more about finding a regular almost guaranteed shag but take other things into consideration so that you can stand to be around that person when you are not consummating your love. People like adding expenses to this simple need, girls take advantage of this by making the guy work for it because seems that guys usually are more into sex then girls. It should be pretty obvious that a guy who is with you wants to sleep with you, all that he does is for that end result, that does not make him a bad guy just a guy. 

As I have been saying money and sex are the main things that drive us but some people go out their way to find a deeper meaning of life and their existence. I simply think of it this way, If I were filthy rich or could afford to live without working then I would not work or study, all I would do is to do what-ever I felt like doing, be it travelling the world or chasing skirts. I would not work or study because we only do that so that we can live comfortably and sometimes in luxury for the richer folks, but I do acknowledge that there are those who love the process of studying ( like those people forever studying and acquiring different degrees and specialities) . Many people do not work because they want to, they do what they have to, to support their lifestyle and get what they want. Some people are just best suited for the life of an artist which is a lot less structured and more self expressive.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Transportation through the years - technology is moving forward so fast

I was thinking today, it must have taken crazy men to think of all this stuff that is around us, but I'm especially fascinated by how transportation has changed through the years and at such an alarming rate. The human mind is the most powerful tool/weapon I tell you. Popular transportation mediums change all the time, from the days when walking was our way of going from place to place to this day when humans have been to space and we can travel safely across oceans within hours to places we would have never even known of their existence. The world is so connected now, some of these advancements in the speed of transportation have their disadvantages and have changed how the world operates and does business.

 They have changed the way wars are fought, the more technology and transport improves the more the weapons associated with those modes of transport improve as well, we are in the middle of the best years in technology, technology is improving at a pace like never before, but we are in the most dangerous period in our history where it is so easy for nations to cause massive destruction within minutes, which is why it is important to try and keep the world as peaceful as possible.

 Oh I was going a bit off topic there, I actually wanted to share some pictures to look down memory lane and see where we humans have been and where we are going in terms of modes of transport:


horses for transport

olden day ships
Battle ship

big wheel bicycle
first few bicycles

the rail way system
First kind of trains

old classic cars
First cars

bikes back in the day
First motorcycle

crash and burn
first aeroplane

man going to the moon
first rocket launch

I wonder where we are going next, since all these modes of transportation were invented they have since been significantly improved. Maybe the next thing will be a big mother-ship that will be able to take a large number of the population in search of a planet that is like ours..well who knows. Until then I shall admire what we have now, there is so much to be thankful here in the world, so much to explore so many different places to see. Why do we waste time fighting when we should be exploring this beautiful world we live in.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Good versus Evil - we all do bad things at some point

I do not think there could ever be a world where there is just good, that is unimaginable. I also cannot think of a world that would be purely evil, I would imagine such a world would cease to exist because it would consume itself.

Wait a minute, earth slowly dying and edging ever closer to extinction. This year being 2012 there has been a lot of talk about the end of the world, the apocalypse, doomsday. According to some by the end of this year we will all be pushing daises, neighbours to the dinosaurs.

What does that have to do with being evil or doing bad things you might ask...think about it we are selfish creatures for years we have been destroying what ever is around us to make sure that are lives are so simplified that we hardly have to lift a nail, on our way to developing our world we have killed each other, enslaved each other, belittled each other. We have killed off so many species of animals and plants, made natural land concrete and uninhabitable to wildlife. We still to this day exploit each other using kids to do adult labour while overworking and underpaying them.

Most people care more about material things then the well being of others in their communities, towns, cities, states. We have seen nations commit genocide, watch other nations bomb others with atom bombs which still have an effect on the environment and the people who live around the affected places till this day. We would kill for money, uncles rape nieces. Heck most rape victims know the person who raped them. Men beat their women instead of protecting them. Children are sold as sex slaves and traded around the world, child trafficking happens even in times of disaster when we should be helping each other in times of need when people are at their most vulnerable.

Evil is everywhere its always lurking, you collect enemies without even realising, most of your enemies are not known to you. Your enemies the villains wait to strike when you least expect it, when you are most vulnerable. We all do some sort of wrong as some point, we stab our friends in the back and sleep with their wives/girlfriends, we lie to people while we take advantage of them. We sleep with girls who are so drunk they would sleep with any guy. We drug people and make them do things they would not do otherwise. Man is evil and this evil is within all of us, we all have the potential to do evil. It is up to us whether to act on our hatred or forgive who ever has wronged us. Evil consumes you if you let it in, it changes who you are and the lenghts you would go to, to get what you want.

On the other hand there is a lot good out there, there is as much good as there is evil and bad things, well no everywhere. There are people fighting for the good and well being of all humans out there, there are organisations and individuals within our communities who try to bring out the best in our youth so that they have bright futures ahead, away from crime and poverty. There are people fighting for equal rights of men and women, people fighting for the kids out there. Well theres no one fighting for the men because men are the usual perpetrators when it comes to doing bad things to the world, women and children. There are religious organisations out there trying to make a change that is positive to the world. And in the past decade or so there are people out there who are dedicated to changing how we see the world, its people, creatures and plant life when its comes to saving our earth and development that is not only good for humans but is also environmentally safe and brings minimal or no harm to nature.

 I am not sure whether the world will end this year but what I am sure of is that in order to live well with others, and have a healthy relationship with those around you, you have to have good intentions. Doing bad things does not get you happiness, it spreads pain and more hate around, hate and evil is a destructive disease we would all be better off without.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kissing on the first date and modern day courting

Historically it was more respectable for girls/women to play hard to get, the guy would spend weeks or even months trying to court the girl. Buying her gifts and giving her all sorts of attention before she even considered even going out with him. When a guy finally got the girl to go out with him it was another story getting her to kiss you and get all touchy and cosy.

I am certain there were girls who were easy and took less effort to get, and I am pretty sure they were frowned upon, just like girls who asked guys out on dates were frowned upon. It was always the guys job to do the chasing, but what now if the girl liked the guy and the guy was clueless...what was the girl to do? There have always been flaws with the old system of doing things.

Now fast forward to the future which is now ofcourse. It is still frowned upon for girls to ask guys out but it is a common occurrence now. Some of us guys are shy and need the girl to make the first move, whilst others like myself are more like predators and we don't like being the prey. I think it makes me value the girl less if she comes to me because most of the time it is not the girl you are into or attracted to that asks you out or tells you she has feelings for you. It would be a different story if it were an attractive girl who saw that you were too slow and you two had some chemistry before she asks you out.

There are always more subtle ways to get a guy to notice you such as hinting even though guys do not always pick up on it. Sometimes we do pick up on it but we are not really sure and we don't want to do something that might be embarrassing if we are wrong, or we don't do anything about it because we do not feel the same way and don't want to hurt the girl.

In addiction to who asks who out there is the problem of the first kiss and when you should kiss someone for the first time. In my experience I have found that its easy to kiss someone the first time you meet them if its at some sort of club. You have to find some sort of way to make it feel comfortable for them to kiss you as if you are not just a stranger, that has a lot to do with game (I will post about that at a later stage). Kissing someone on the first date or first time you meet them during night conditions is much easier than during a formal date because most girls don't want to seem like they are easy even if they wanted to kiss you.

If you meet someone at some occasion it is not uncommon for you guys to hit it off but the probability of you kissing is higher on a second meeting, because than they feel like they know you and you not a stranger and they don't feel cheap and easy. The whole thing of kissing, making out on the first date is linked often to one night stand especially when it comes to club situation. I have no idea whether, it is the night, lights, music, alcohol that makes those conditions more sexual and high paced  or maybe its the combination of all those elements.

To end this I would like to that some things have changed a lot when it comes to getting girls and when your first kiss is but certain elements of original courtship are still in place. You need to be confident and smooth and well presented, a guy with no game in the past would still be unsuccessful today. The game has not changed, only conditions have changed.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

blogs are like tv shows

Successful blogs have a lot of traffic, and a loyal following that looks forward to every post and buys the products the blogs release and advertise. Successful tv shows like the Dr Phil show or the Oprah Show before it ended work much in the same way, they have a loyal international following making their traffic flow in by the millions and making their hosts filthy rich. What ever these shows endorse people mindlessly buy just because Oprah said its a good book or something like that, instantly taking those products to the best sellers list.

Shows associated with Oprah like the Dr Phil show and that show with Dr Oz become an instant success and get alot of traffic, its just up to them to entertain and keep the traffic by having relevant and interesting shows.

This is much like how if a young blog suddenly gets noticed by an established blog it receives alot of traffic and then its up to you the small blogger to make sure your blog is prepared for the traffic, it is monetised (if you are in it for making some money) and that you have content that people would be interested in so that they subscribe to your blog.

Just like the successful television shows, anything that the big blogs advertise is an instant hit with the big blogs loyal following especially if the blog has a reputation for recommending good products. I am beginning to see that many things that are successful have a lot of things in common, whether its a radio show, or tv show or even a good relationship.  

Thursday, 16 February 2012

We all want to be tall

Nobody likes being short or being really tall for that matter but we would all like to be atleast the same height as everyone else around us. Girls are relatively shorter than guys buy there are alot of girls who are as tall as guys for example models.

Your height is dependant on lots of factors such as genetics and your health and nutrition during different stages of development. If for example you started doing certain kinds of drugs or were exposed to dangerous toxins when you were growing up, this could have stunted your growth. Even if you mother used drugs when she was pregnant with you, that could have stunted your growth especially in the early stages.

My parents are both about 5'9'' (1.74-1.75m) and I am already taller than them at around 5'11''(1.8m) tall. My grand father on my fathers side was above 6'0'' tall and so was my uncle who is my dads younger brother, and only one of my close cousins in tall standing at 6'2''. The rest of my family are either short or average sized. Average could be anything depending on your country, the stats are different for guys and girls. Here in South Africa we are not the tallest people in the world with our guys at an average height of 5'7''(1.69m) just look at our soccer team Bafana Bafana.

A friend of mine who is pretty short or average in terms of our country once told me that he has always been short and has gotten used to it and he has no problem with his height. He told me that its people like me who are in the fringe of being tall that have issues with height. He said that we fringe people were like silver medallist, so close yet so far. I had to agree with him, I am taller than most people I meet but I feel short and wish a had an inch more in height so I could be that magical 6'0'' tall even though I don't think that would make me tall since there is not much difference between me now and if I was an inch taller.

This height thing is so weird because I would move from a public setting where I was taller than most of the people and then I would go to a club where I would then be dwarfed by most of the people including the girls because that particular club would be filled with models and model types.

I don't like feeling little and therefore I do not usually approach chicks who are BIGGER than me, its intimidating somehow but if they are sexy its a kind of turn on. I do not find women who look like they can beat me up attractive. As for guys, I am not the biggest, I am normal size so there will always be taller bigger guys and I do not care much about guys but it feels weird if I am the smallest shortest guy in the group, I guess the Australian rugby captain got used to that a long time ago.

Monday, 13 February 2012

I don't understand fashion.

The fashion industry has controlled how women and certain metro men feel about their looks and the way they dress for ages now. It is responsible for spreading anorexic images and making women all over the world feel bad for not being size zero.

The industry is not all bad, it has provided the world new trends and styles in fashion wear. It has made people look good, sexy, serious depending on which look you were going for. It is responsible for making men more self conscious, and take their dress style more serious not only in business situations. Its not all bad, former super models like Tyra Banks have been promoting the good healthy side of the modelling and fashion industry.

With that said I do not get how women have been following advice of gay men in the fashion industry or the ugly women in the background on what is attractive to us straight men ( not that all people in fashion are gay or not so attractive themselves). We do not all like skinny flat chested women, in fact most of us don't like those kinda girls.

These fashion shows are more like art shows and these models and outfits are like pieces of art that's why you often find weird looking or exotic looking fashion models who might not necessarily be considered attractive by general society but they fit the fashion industry. And another thing in magazines you find fashion labels advertising something with nothing but nude fashion models, I do not get how that is considered as fashion at all when there are no clothes in the picture.

I am not a fashionable guy, I am not metro sexual, I wear what ever I feel like wearing, I don't give myself headaches thinking about what I am going to wear. I am a jeans/shorts and wife-beater kind of guy, a minimalist. I prefer not wearing much clothing at all, as long as I'm clean and smell good, its okay with me. All I'm saying is I do not get what all the fuss about fashion is about, if you understand it and it makes you happy and gives you a positive self image then that's great.

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