Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Most attractive girl/skinny girl/curvy girl/fit girl/fat girl

I would like to think that I am a fit guy, I workout and I have what may be referred to as a lean muscular body (even though at the moment I am trying to gain more muscle). I as a guy who works out do not expect  a chick who I am interested in or even involved with to go to the gym, heck most chicks I and most of my friends are attracted to are normal chicks who do not even workout. Being a black guy I have a preference of course for women who are curvy (not that all black guys prefer curvy women). And when I say curvy I do not mean fat girls, I am not into fat girls I feel they are unhealthy and should seriously consider a change in diet and maybe consider working out.
Joelle as beautiful skinny fitgirl

Some of these curvy women may be considered fat by others because from a certain stand point they may be slightly overweight but I have no issues with that. Girls with a little cellulite and some fat on their belly are normal and I still find them attractive, they have that hourglass or pear shape with wide hips that makes them look attractive because that whole shape makes them different from males.

I am not usually attracted to skinny girls as well because they lack shape and vital features that appeal to me (breasts that are average or bigger, butts that are shapely and not flat), they look more like teenage boys to me but since this is just my opinion I know that there are guys out there who like the skinny chicks.

Having an athletic chick that works out and has a nice shapely body is a dream for most dudes including me but having a tight athletic hot babe body alone is using unless it’s not a serious relationship you are looking for. Since I love being in shape and working out a fit chick could be a good match.

Going back to the fat girl topic, I do not give fat girls the time of day, nor flirt or give them any reason to think I am attracted to them. I do not like being an asshole especially to nice people, so I will be friend’s maybe, but not to the point where I lead a fat chick on. In bodybuilding forums the fat chicks are referred to as WHALES (mean, I know – Gym guys are douche bags, I am one I should know). Fat people come up with all sorts of excuses like low self esteem (who do you suppose should change that for you?), comfort eating (eating to solve your problems creates more problems so why do you continue to do that? Are you an idiot?), and they call them self shapely and curvy as a excuse (the curvy guys speak of is a shape like pear shape and hour glass figure not irregulars troughs and crests of skin folds all over the body).

 I know it’s a bit mean (I did say I was a bit of a douche bag) but you are responsible for your own health and well being, excuses get your nowhere. Unless you have some medical cause for why you keep piling on weight, you have no real excuse, you are just lazy and do not care enough for your own health.

Being obese increases the chances of you getting health problems and I am not attracted to people who do not care about how they look or those that do nothing about it but make it worse. Your body is your temple it’s your own responsibility to look after it.

I got a little side tracked there; my point is the average chick could be the most beautiful girl to me, because personality trumps all other things. I have been into more normal chicks than hot tight fit chicks because I found that in super hot chicks there is often some attitude issues (again this is just my opinion, you can make up your own mind). Moreover I like girls who can stand up for themselves and not just take my shit. Chicks with more than just looks are the most attractive, looks pull you in but they do not keep you interested even through the B.S. And I am not saying I could not fall for a fatty, all I am saying is I would never be happy with the way she looks, her body would disgust me even if I was attracted to her personality which is not a good thing.


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