Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cool 20 minute series on TV

I love television, I love watching documentaries especially those by National Geographic Channel, and I love watching cool movies every now and then.  What I love the most is watching series especially those 40 to 50 minute series such as True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Supernatural, and Homeland and so on. I like series because do not need to cramp the whole storyline into only two ours; we get to explore the story and understand the characters. Series leave us wanting to see more, there are always mysteries and unanswered questions that keep us coming back for more week in and week out.  When I do not have time to watch hour long series there is nothing better than watching something for just 20 minutes and then going back to which ever urgent matters demand my attention afterwards.

As I said before I am a series guy, and if there is a series old or new that I have not watched I will watch it to see if I like it, often I will watch my favourites first, then when the shows are still in production I will catch up on series that I have never watched before, For example I only started watching Boston Legal last year and I have since watched all 5 seasons and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I only watched lost for the first time last year and I enjoyed the first couple of seasons until it started getting boring for me. There are so many awesome series out there waiting to be watched, there are so many of them, that you can’t really watch them all at the same time.

When I am bored and have watched all my favourites I give other series a chance and may end up enjoying them. I am not a critic I do not really compare series, I appreciate what the writers were trying to portray.

Going back to the 20 minutes series or whatever you call those I would like to mention some of my favourites at the moment.
JESS YOU cute Dork YOU

Okay here goes my favourite at the moment has to be New Girl; this series is based around a dorky girl Jess who catches her weirdo hippy like boyfriend cheating then moves out. She then moves into a loft with 3 weird single guys (Nick, Winston (who replaced Coach), and Schmidt). Jess has a hot model as a best friend (Cece).

My other favourite 20 minute sitcom is the popular Big Bang Theory which is about the lives of 2 geniuses (Sheldon and Leonard) and their friends. It is very funny and sees the world, dating, fun and friendship through their eyes. My favourite character there is Sheldon by a long short, his comments always make me laugh and the fact that he does not understand sarcasm is very amusing.
Community bunch of weirdos

Another show I love watching, that cracks me up is Community, this show follows a group of friends in community college, one of whom used to be a hot shot lawyer (Jeff), another is an old sort of racist white man who is rich and always says wrong offensive things (Pearce). I loved the first season of this show it was killer, especially the characters of Troy and Abed, I like the second season but not as much as the first.
oh TEDDY boy when will you meet the mother

Oh and how can I forget How I Met Your Mother, yes this story follows Ted as he narrates or tells his kids how he met their mother, the show follows him and his friends, Lilly, Marshall, Robin and Barney. Barney is by far the most entertaining character on the show, the guy is Legend.....wait for it...ary! All he does is make up rules about getting women and the Bro Code. He is a womaniser but I’m sure even girls grow to love him as he is a good person. Also Barney Always wears a suit unless other people are wearing a suit or in sad situations.  
Old 2 and a half men crew

My other favourite show used to be Two and a Half men – The show that used to be based around Charlie Sheen as Charlie, his brother Allen and Allen’s idiot son.   Charley is basically like his real life character, drinks too much and uses women and also solicits prostitutes.

I used to love Scrubs as well, Doctor Dorian is a legend. I still re-watch Scrubs when I have got nothing better to do just because it was so awesome. It followed a Doctor with a very active imagination and his unusual bromance with Turk his best friend , the show went downhill in its final season when Doctor Dorian who made the show what it was, was no longer the main character.


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