Sunday, 22 January 2012

When Cell phones really started improving

This is part 2 about cell phones...yesterday I did a post about the beginning of cell phones. I think I was in grade 8 when I got my first cell phone, and at the time flipping cell phones with a colour screen were the craze and having a phone with polyphonic ringtones was cool. I went to the phone shop to buy the exact same model everyone else around me was getting, it also came with a gold chain you could use to bling your neck up with your new trendy flipping phone. It was a motorola but I cannot recall the model because I ended up buying a different phone, a Motorola C650 which was a more advanced phone because not only did it have a colour screen, internet and cool games, it also played mp3's and had a camera. This phone would make me the coolest kid in school.

I loved my phone even though I had nobody to call, I used to play games all day on the phone and download new stuff. Fortunately for me this is when I really discovered the Internet, even though it was not really made for cellphones just yet. I used to search for all kinds of stuff, games, ring tones, wall papers, screen savers and unfortunately for my parents even though they have never found out this is how I discovered porn sites.

Anyways getting back to phones I totally fell in love with phones, soon I could set up things on other cell phones too and adults came to me for assistance( the word went around ). Soon the first smart phones came out and the first megapixel camera phones came out, phones that could play full mp3's were released, phones such as the Nokia N70 and samsung D500. Smart phones had 3G and video calling capabilities. Now phone companies started specialising to beat the competition, Nokia built quality multimedia phones for their top N-series range and samsung gave us phones with 2mp camera and you could attach speakers to your phone, sony ericson specialised in music phones and camera phones...They were now all in a war for sales and as soon as one improved all the others followed and who can forget motorola and their most popular style phone the Razr.

  I did not have the money to buy the best phone but I wanted one that looked good and cool full mp3's and had a little more space so I bought the Samsung X670. I loved that phone, it was cool,slim and it flipped.
 It did not last me a very long time because there were some issues with the screen so I decided to move to the nokia N-series to experience some features of a smart phone so I bought the N70 music edition. The N-70 was a cool phone, with lots of features and the best mobile games I had Ever played at the time and its ability to use third party software was awesome. I got pdf readers, anti viruses, browsers and a lot of other things. I pimped my phone and i loved that you could do many things at one time with the multimedia button. The music edition came with a 1gig memory card, was black in colour and had cool remote control headphones otherwise it was the same as the original. It had fast internet because of 3G and had almost computer like internet browsing.

Phones improved further buy increasing their megapixels and providing more space and features. The nokia n-95 was released and blew all of its competition away. It had the best of everything, the ability to to store and play movies,1000's of multimedia, take quality video's and use the best software for mobile devices. I wanted the n-95 but it was super expensive and rightfully so, but I fell in love with another phone I saw while walking through the mall, it looked so amazing and had 8gigs of memory and was intended as a multimedia gaming phone, it was just what I was looking for. I knew at that moment that I had to get that phone, it was also no cheap at the time and I told my mother I wanted the phone so she made a deal with me to improve my academic results in return for getting the then expensive Nokia n-81....


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