Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How the recent google update has affected my blogs

The recent update (last week) has gotten rid of some link networks and many people who used link networks have been affected, I have not used any link networks since I cannot afford them yet, i prefer to spend money made from blogging to get more blog related paid products.

My other site which was starting to get some decent traffic was affected, before the update I was getting regular clicks and just as I joined click bank affiliates my traffic took a hit. This could have been because I did not have enough back links yet, I really have not been creating enough back links to get google trust. I could have done more in terms of blog commenting, guest blogging and submitting to article directories but I was still focusing on content creation on my other blog. My strategy seemed to be working until the update but I feel I will be back to where I was in terms of traffic in a week or so.

And as back up I have started to create content for ezine articles and I have began creating satellite sites to earn extra from affiliate sales and direct traffic to my site, this is already paying off, so I expect to be doing even better then I was before the update.

It is actually a good thing that the update came now, it has thought me to link build some more and forced me to start now and do a bit each day that will make sure my main blog grows exponentially in the next few months. I am certainly not the lazy type and I like creating new content especially in the fitness niche as I am passionate about working out and helping others gain the muscle they want.

I know that there are many more google updates coming, and I want to make my blogs so that they are not negatively affected by google updates. Pat from smart passive income made some very valid points in his lastest update. There has been talk of google taking social media into account to rank sites, that will not do me any good since I am not active yet in social media but I want to focus on content creation and building links from now onwards.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The greatest super hero powers


Lets face it we have all at some point wished we were super heroes or heroins, we have all wished to have super powers. Maybe it was because we had  very active imaginations as kids, we wore costumes and had all sorts of super hero toys to play with. The funny thing is some of us have not outgrown the love of super heroes and still have active imaginations. One of many questions that pops up is if you were a hero who would you be or more importantly what powers would you want if you were a super hero?

Would you be like Superman, the Green Lantern, the Flash, The hulk even though he is not really a super hero, Captain America, Spider-man, Aqua-man the list goes on and on. Would you rather be super smart and have man-made powers like Batman and Iron-man.

Its a good thing most super heroes don't get to choose really because it would be a really difficult choice. Just think about it, each super power, usually has its own weakness, no-one can be invincible. Would you go for super strength, the ability to fly, to have a ring that make you do what ever your mind can conjure up, to control the elements, to heal faster than any human, to be animal like, beastly and have powers that mimic others like some of the mutations in X-men.
 To be a demi-god like Hercules or to be a God yourself not that these are super heroes but they do have super powers.

This would a tough decision but If I were to choose I would be the alien Superman he has a variety of super powers and his only weakness is kryptonite. If there were any krytonite I am sure it would be hard to find and if I were Clark Kent I would have killed lex or any other villain long ago.

I guess that is why we can not all be super heroes and why super heroes are vigilantes. We could use our powers for wrong doing and to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Then again being a villain is not so bad, in the movies and comics that is when they are not always making you lose, you have cool powers and get to do all the fun stuff like destroying  buildings and infrastructure and cars, plus you don;t follow any rules you do what you like when you want to do it and you don't your identity, people shit scared of you. The super hero has to chase after you and worry about saving people when you two are fighting, but he hides his true-self from the very people he protects. Perhaps for some the initial question is better rephrased as which villain power is the greatest?  Well that is a topic for another post all together now.

BlackBerry and its BBM are everywhere and going strong

Blackberry is everywhere, everywhere I turn its BBM this and BBM that, I have to admit its a cool application and it sucks because I am not one those people who do what others are doing and follow the trend. The worst part of all of this is that most people have it and those of us that don't have it miss out on things because everyone else has already shared the information on BBM. I like to call it the government handout phone becuase there are so many people carrying it around its as if its handed out for free.

Not all BlackBerry's are popular only the entry-level curve which comes in different colors for personal customisation like pink,white and black.

Phone people love to hate
Then the is the BlackBerry Bold and the Torch the other popular but more expensive options, I have no problems with those phones I think they are descent phones for this day and age, but there are better phones out there for the same price unless you are a socialite of-course.

 Well the reason I wrote this post is because BlackBerry have released the latest version of the entry-level curve, the BlackBerry Curve 9360. They have improved it now, at-least its a descent phone now, it is more like the bold OS7 and liquid graphics. I suspect BlackBerry is going strong and is going to stay strong for a while, so if you are the type that wants the latest gossip and you don't want to miss any parties...then its the phone for you. As for me I'm not that into phones as I was a couple years ago, if it can make phone calls, has 3G and can email and surf the web, I'm cool with it as long as its not everywhere. 

Oh and here's a picture of the latest curve:

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Beautiful South African Women

We have beautiful women in South Africa, no matter where you go you will find beautiful women. Now I am not saying that there are no beautiful women in other countries but I am saying appreciate what you have first enjoy the fruits of your own lands, and then explore the rest of the world if you don't find what you like in your own country. So for now I give you some of the better known beauties of South Africa, models and media personalities:

Boitumelo Thulo

Bonang Matheba

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Boucher

Joelle Kayembe

Lalla Hirayama

Lee Anne Liebenberg

Minenhle Dlamini

Tansey Coetzee

Shashi Naidoo

Zizo Beda

Terry Pheto

Nonhle Thema

Pearl Thusi

Hot Porche Supercar - The Panamera Turbo S

Porshe luxury sports car

Porche is one of the big names when it comes to sports super cars, yet they are also one of the most affordable if not the most affordable super cars. Today the featured car is one of Porche's top of the range cars, the Porche Panamera turbo S. This beauty comes with a 4.8litre V8 twin turbo engine, 405kw(550hp) of pure power, 750Nm of torque. To add icing to the cake it has a top speed of 306km/h and goes from 0-100km/h in 3.8seconds.

Porche rear view

Monday, 12 March 2012

Good versus Evil - we all do bad things at some point

I do not think there could ever be a world where there is just good, that is unimaginable. I also cannot think of a world that would be purely evil, I would imagine such a world would cease to exist because it would consume itself.

Wait a minute, earth slowly dying and edging ever closer to extinction. This year being 2012 there has been a lot of talk about the end of the world, the apocalypse, doomsday. According to some by the end of this year we will all be pushing daises, neighbours to the dinosaurs.

What does that have to do with being evil or doing bad things you might ask...think about it we are selfish creatures for years we have been destroying what ever is around us to make sure that are lives are so simplified that we hardly have to lift a nail, on our way to developing our world we have killed each other, enslaved each other, belittled each other. We have killed off so many species of animals and plants, made natural land concrete and uninhabitable to wildlife. We still to this day exploit each other using kids to do adult labour while overworking and underpaying them.

Most people care more about material things then the well being of others in their communities, towns, cities, states. We have seen nations commit genocide, watch other nations bomb others with atom bombs which still have an effect on the environment and the people who live around the affected places till this day. We would kill for money, uncles rape nieces. Heck most rape victims know the person who raped them. Men beat their women instead of protecting them. Children are sold as sex slaves and traded around the world, child trafficking happens even in times of disaster when we should be helping each other in times of need when people are at their most vulnerable.

Evil is everywhere its always lurking, you collect enemies without even realising, most of your enemies are not known to you. Your enemies the villains wait to strike when you least expect it, when you are most vulnerable. We all do some sort of wrong as some point, we stab our friends in the back and sleep with their wives/girlfriends, we lie to people while we take advantage of them. We sleep with girls who are so drunk they would sleep with any guy. We drug people and make them do things they would not do otherwise. Man is evil and this evil is within all of us, we all have the potential to do evil. It is up to us whether to act on our hatred or forgive who ever has wronged us. Evil consumes you if you let it in, it changes who you are and the lenghts you would go to, to get what you want.

On the other hand there is a lot good out there, there is as much good as there is evil and bad things, well no everywhere. There are people fighting for the good and well being of all humans out there, there are organisations and individuals within our communities who try to bring out the best in our youth so that they have bright futures ahead, away from crime and poverty. There are people fighting for equal rights of men and women, people fighting for the kids out there. Well theres no one fighting for the men because men are the usual perpetrators when it comes to doing bad things to the world, women and children. There are religious organisations out there trying to make a change that is positive to the world. And in the past decade or so there are people out there who are dedicated to changing how we see the world, its people, creatures and plant life when its comes to saving our earth and development that is not only good for humans but is also environmentally safe and brings minimal or no harm to nature.

 I am not sure whether the world will end this year but what I am sure of is that in order to live well with others, and have a healthy relationship with those around you, you have to have good intentions. Doing bad things does not get you happiness, it spreads pain and more hate around, hate and evil is a destructive disease we would all be better off without.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kissing on the first date and modern day courting

Historically it was more respectable for girls/women to play hard to get, the guy would spend weeks or even months trying to court the girl. Buying her gifts and giving her all sorts of attention before she even considered even going out with him. When a guy finally got the girl to go out with him it was another story getting her to kiss you and get all touchy and cosy.

I am certain there were girls who were easy and took less effort to get, and I am pretty sure they were frowned upon, just like girls who asked guys out on dates were frowned upon. It was always the guys job to do the chasing, but what now if the girl liked the guy and the guy was clueless...what was the girl to do? There have always been flaws with the old system of doing things.

Now fast forward to the future which is now ofcourse. It is still frowned upon for girls to ask guys out but it is a common occurrence now. Some of us guys are shy and need the girl to make the first move, whilst others like myself are more like predators and we don't like being the prey. I think it makes me value the girl less if she comes to me because most of the time it is not the girl you are into or attracted to that asks you out or tells you she has feelings for you. It would be a different story if it were an attractive girl who saw that you were too slow and you two had some chemistry before she asks you out.

There are always more subtle ways to get a guy to notice you such as hinting even though guys do not always pick up on it. Sometimes we do pick up on it but we are not really sure and we don't want to do something that might be embarrassing if we are wrong, or we don't do anything about it because we do not feel the same way and don't want to hurt the girl.

In addiction to who asks who out there is the problem of the first kiss and when you should kiss someone for the first time. In my experience I have found that its easy to kiss someone the first time you meet them if its at some sort of club. You have to find some sort of way to make it feel comfortable for them to kiss you as if you are not just a stranger, that has a lot to do with game (I will post about that at a later stage). Kissing someone on the first date or first time you meet them during night conditions is much easier than during a formal date because most girls don't want to seem like they are easy even if they wanted to kiss you.

If you meet someone at some occasion it is not uncommon for you guys to hit it off but the probability of you kissing is higher on a second meeting, because than they feel like they know you and you not a stranger and they don't feel cheap and easy. The whole thing of kissing, making out on the first date is linked often to one night stand especially when it comes to club situation. I have no idea whether, it is the night, lights, music, alcohol that makes those conditions more sexual and high paced  or maybe its the combination of all those elements.

To end this I would like to that some things have changed a lot when it comes to getting girls and when your first kiss is but certain elements of original courtship are still in place. You need to be confident and smooth and well presented, a guy with no game in the past would still be unsuccessful today. The game has not changed, only conditions have changed.

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