Saturday, 4 February 2012

We don't always get what we want, when we want it

I am still young and like I said in my finding a purpose post, I don't know why we exist, but I hope I find something meaningful to live for sooner rather than later. Have you noticed that sometimes in life you prepare for something your whole life and you convince your self that its what you want to do, you think you already know yourself, you let elder people such as your parents and teachers sort of unknowingly brainwash you into this image of yourself often influenced by what they want you to be. you go along with it foolishly thinking thats who you really are and you build a future based on what you have been building up for years. Many people live life that way until someday you get fired or you get your heart broken so badly you think the worl is about to end, because you had made the same mistakein your relationship that you had made earlier on in life....what is this mistake you say..well that putting all your eggs in one busket and thinking that the pathway you are on is the only pathway that will lead you to some perfect life.

life is made with these little speed bumps and sooner or later you will hit one, but I think its better if you hit these speed bumps earlier on in life so that you realise life is not perfect and that that things don;t always go the way you want them to. You should realise early on that people do bad things, that no one is perfect, there is no equation to a perfect life, your parents are not perfect and in the end we all end up damaged somehow...its these battle scars that make us strong, its these battle scars that makes us human so that eventually on our last day we know that we fought a brave war and we gave it our all.


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