Sunday, 26 February 2012

blogs are like tv shows

Successful blogs have a lot of traffic, and a loyal following that looks forward to every post and buys the products the blogs release and advertise. Successful tv shows like the Dr Phil show or the Oprah Show before it ended work much in the same way, they have a loyal international following making their traffic flow in by the millions and making their hosts filthy rich. What ever these shows endorse people mindlessly buy just because Oprah said its a good book or something like that, instantly taking those products to the best sellers list.

Shows associated with Oprah like the Dr Phil show and that show with Dr Oz become an instant success and get alot of traffic, its just up to them to entertain and keep the traffic by having relevant and interesting shows.

This is much like how if a young blog suddenly gets noticed by an established blog it receives alot of traffic and then its up to you the small blogger to make sure your blog is prepared for the traffic, it is monetised (if you are in it for making some money) and that you have content that people would be interested in so that they subscribe to your blog.

Just like the successful television shows, anything that the big blogs advertise is an instant hit with the big blogs loyal following especially if the blog has a reputation for recommending good products. I am beginning to see that many things that are successful have a lot of things in common, whether its a radio show, or tv show or even a good relationship.  

Thursday, 16 February 2012

We all want to be tall

Nobody likes being short or being really tall for that matter but we would all like to be atleast the same height as everyone else around us. Girls are relatively shorter than guys buy there are alot of girls who are as tall as guys for example models.

Your height is dependant on lots of factors such as genetics and your health and nutrition during different stages of development. If for example you started doing certain kinds of drugs or were exposed to dangerous toxins when you were growing up, this could have stunted your growth. Even if you mother used drugs when she was pregnant with you, that could have stunted your growth especially in the early stages.

My parents are both about 5'9'' (1.74-1.75m) and I am already taller than them at around 5'11''(1.8m) tall. My grand father on my fathers side was above 6'0'' tall and so was my uncle who is my dads younger brother, and only one of my close cousins in tall standing at 6'2''. The rest of my family are either short or average sized. Average could be anything depending on your country, the stats are different for guys and girls. Here in South Africa we are not the tallest people in the world with our guys at an average height of 5'7''(1.69m) just look at our soccer team Bafana Bafana.

A friend of mine who is pretty short or average in terms of our country once told me that he has always been short and has gotten used to it and he has no problem with his height. He told me that its people like me who are in the fringe of being tall that have issues with height. He said that we fringe people were like silver medallist, so close yet so far. I had to agree with him, I am taller than most people I meet but I feel short and wish a had an inch more in height so I could be that magical 6'0'' tall even though I don't think that would make me tall since there is not much difference between me now and if I was an inch taller.

This height thing is so weird because I would move from a public setting where I was taller than most of the people and then I would go to a club where I would then be dwarfed by most of the people including the girls because that particular club would be filled with models and model types.

I don't like feeling little and therefore I do not usually approach chicks who are BIGGER than me, its intimidating somehow but if they are sexy its a kind of turn on. I do not find women who look like they can beat me up attractive. As for guys, I am not the biggest, I am normal size so there will always be taller bigger guys and I do not care much about guys but it feels weird if I am the smallest shortest guy in the group, I guess the Australian rugby captain got used to that a long time ago.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The new Rulers of african football

Its a bit late but never late then never, I would like to congratulate Zambia on a job well done. They have made us proud. They have beaten all the teams that were favourites to win the AFCON, I don't think there was a more deserving team.

 It is the best kind of victory, a true victory when you have beaten all of the competitions best teams in order to get the title. I wish Zambia the best for the future and i hope this opens more opportunities for their players to go play in the big leagues in Europe.

I also hope this has encouraged some more African players to come and play in the PSL as our standard of football and pay is up there with the best of them, especially if you are comparing us with other African, Asian or South American leagues.

I hope the South  African team Bafana Bafana and its management were watching Zambia and what it has accomplished. I hope that we will qualify for the AFCON here in South Africa a few years from now and do not rely on our automatic qualification as host like we did for the world cup only to get out in the first round.

As for Ivory Coast tough luck, Drogba should really learn to relax and not miss those penalties in finals, first in 2006 and again this year. This is disappointing from a guy who scores under enormous pressure in the eufa and English Premiership. They golden generation is not winning any AFCONS and its not like the captain is getting any younger. Funny thing is no goals were scored against Ivory Coast during the whole competition, they had a solid defence but eventually lost out in penalty shoot-outs.

Monday, 13 February 2012

I don't understand fashion.

The fashion industry has controlled how women and certain metro men feel about their looks and the way they dress for ages now. It is responsible for spreading anorexic images and making women all over the world feel bad for not being size zero.

The industry is not all bad, it has provided the world new trends and styles in fashion wear. It has made people look good, sexy, serious depending on which look you were going for. It is responsible for making men more self conscious, and take their dress style more serious not only in business situations. Its not all bad, former super models like Tyra Banks have been promoting the good healthy side of the modelling and fashion industry.

With that said I do not get how women have been following advice of gay men in the fashion industry or the ugly women in the background on what is attractive to us straight men ( not that all people in fashion are gay or not so attractive themselves). We do not all like skinny flat chested women, in fact most of us don't like those kinda girls.

These fashion shows are more like art shows and these models and outfits are like pieces of art that's why you often find weird looking or exotic looking fashion models who might not necessarily be considered attractive by general society but they fit the fashion industry. And another thing in magazines you find fashion labels advertising something with nothing but nude fashion models, I do not get how that is considered as fashion at all when there are no clothes in the picture.

I am not a fashionable guy, I am not metro sexual, I wear what ever I feel like wearing, I don't give myself headaches thinking about what I am going to wear. I am a jeans/shorts and wife-beater kind of guy, a minimalist. I prefer not wearing much clothing at all, as long as I'm clean and smell good, its okay with me. All I'm saying is I do not get what all the fuss about fashion is about, if you understand it and it makes you happy and gives you a positive self image then that's great.

Doing what you really want to do - bringing what's in your head to reality

We all have things we want to do, but we don't do them because we are afraid of what people will think, we think our ideas suck, and then we end up not following through with in action plan and possibly great ideas go to waste.

Doing what we want to do may be a new business plan or actually being our true selves around people, it may be telling the girl you are crazy about how you feel about her. The worst part is that when you don't do what you really want to do you always have that 'what if' at the back of your head, its even worse then the feeling you get when you do try doing what you really want and failing at it. Atleast you have got the experience, and next time you will do everything you can and learn from your experience in order to get better results next time you try something of that nature.

Some situations like telling the girl of your dreams that you are crazy about her are always a gamble but whether she feels the same way or not atleast you would know where you stand. And things like girls not liking you back should not make you feel like doing what you really want to do is a bad idea because as a friend put it, girls have options just like guys, just because you like her does not mean she has to like you. Guys have a choice when they first see a girl and they usually go for the attractive ones and girls have the same right if they don't find you appealing, they don't have to say yes to you. So making yourself appealing and doing what you want will only go so far but in life you have to be willing to take chances.

You do not want to be the person who regrets not doing certain things when they were younger, if you want to do something really badly, do it. Do not let others who are afraid to take chances stop you, believe in yourself first then others can start believing in you.    If want you want to do in your head is illegal or involves hurting yourself or others then I suggest you keep that in your head and bury that thought.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Social Media Exponential Growth

I remember at the beginning of 2009 I did not know what Facebook was, only a few people at my school had it and they had each other as friends, I was still using another social network called Mxit back then and I was not even that keen of social media then. I don't know how I joined Facebook or why I joined Facebook but I remember it was around April 2009, by December everyone I knew had it and it was Facebook status galore. People were sharing everything from sad stuff, to upcoming parties and relationship mumbo jumbo.

Some people had so many friends I was sure they could not have known so many people, people would invite you and you would accept but they would never say a word to you. I would have people from school or someone from my neighbourhood who would talk to me on Facebook but never in real life, I found that weird. You had people constantly changing their relationship statuses. People were becoming addicted in the masses.

Since then almost every major brand has a Facebook page, we have seen a shift from Facebook groups being popular to know, Facebook fan pages being the preferred method to interact with fans or customers. Facebook has become the leading marketing tool as well as twitter and the new comer Google+.

I have seen the founders of Facebook move faster up the rich list than other people especially in the past couple of years. There are always changes happening with Facebook, before you are even used to a recent change another is being made.

As for twitter I did not like it initially I am still not sure I like it, I have heard people who use it for personal use say its the new in thing and facebook is so last year(I don't think so!), the fact that you are limited to a certain number of characters and that people update their status regularly is almost irritating. There are alot of weird non human profiles which are shady as well, and its like a home made porn site. Those very same characteristics apparently make it good for social media marketing which is why I joined and not for personal reasons.

Afcon final this sunday...Zambia vs Ivory Coast

Well I have to say that firstly I did not think Zambia were going to beat Ghana and now they are in the final, just one more big upset to pull off and they are the rulers of Africa for the next 4 years. They have played really well to pull off a couple of upsets against star studded teams such as Senegal and Ghana, even though Senegal lost like every match. Senegal's showing made me think they were over-rated. Zambia on the other hand who I will be supporting during the final, have shown that you don't have to have most of your team based in Europe to play great football. In fact most of their players are based here in South Africa, this just shows why the premier soccer league is in the top 10 leagues in the world and the 7th most richest in terms of sponsorship deals.

Ivory Coast has not been that impressive in terms of playing beautiful football but their defence has been solid so far. I think they have been doing what is necessary to win. Gervinho's goal in the semi final was an amazing piece of skill though the Mali defence were sleeping, its like the defence was running away from the man with the ball. They left one poor chap to chase after the super sonic Gervinho, he had no chance really.

Ivory coast is another star studded team with a majority if not all its players based overseas, but I will be backing the under dogs come Sunday, not just because they are under dogs but because they are southern African, and most of their players play in my country. I hope it is a great entertaining final.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Super Heroes and Super Villains

The age old battle between heroes and villains will always be there, what fun would a world where there were no superhero movies and comics. Being a fan of such things is a part of growing up, it teaches you to be good and treat others with respect while it entertains you. In hero movies the super villain always has a reason for becoming the way that he or she or it is, but at the end of the comic, movie or series you learn that even if that evil doer is evil by nature or because something made them that way it is not right to hurt others and you must try to change otherwise the hero will give you a pounding.
superhero of gotham city

yes, there are good lessons to be learnt from hero movies/series/comics but I always found it a Little funny and unfair that the good guy always wins. The truth is the evil guys are just as strong if not stronger than the heroes, yes in some comics the hero ends up one day being killed by the villain. The thing is no one even in fictional characters is without weakness and that means sometimes people must be disappointed and be sad because that is how the real world is, the good guys don't always win and sometimes they turn into evil villains.
supervillain the dark night

The thing that made me think of this was the Batman movie the DARK KNIGHT, in that movie I was a fan of the villain the JOKER and not Batman, Batman is boring whereas the Joker was the one who made the movie awesome. Batman has fancy gadgets and all but theres no way he could actually beat the Joker, the Joker is a survivor, an entertainer so full of life and he is creative. All I am saying is the hero need not always win.  

Sunday, 5 February 2012

lack of emotion even in failure

I used to be a good straight edge guy but over the past couple of years that has all changed. I used to be an academic, caring about the marks I got for tests and exams. I used to be the guy who used to be close to tears just because I got an 89% for my finals instead of a 90%, but that all changed. I feel like the guy I use to be is gone, I was watching bits and pieces of myself float away into nothingness. The guy i used to be had A COMPETITIVE EDGE but now I couldn't care less.

The funny thing is that I enjoyed winning whether it was getting a high rank in class or just for self satisfaction, but when it was at a more personal level I was bored and out of tune with general society. I do not know when I changed, or what caused the change, all I know is one day I woke up and everything did not matter anymore, it was just about me living in the moment doing what I felt like when I wanted to do it, the chains had been broken and an emotionless monster was released.

I started to enjoy myself more, enjoy life, entertain people without even trying to, my game and self confidence improved. The social life was good but time was flying by and I started experiencing failures be it academic or relationships with girls who did not understand me. At times when i was not enjoying myself the general orderly structure of my life was falling apart and I did not care, I did not even feel sad anymore it was more like life sucks and I wont get anything by crying over stuff that's already a part of history.

I have always felt like I was lucky for most of my life and I like all humans am bound to run into rough batches at some point. I knew that there are people in the world out there who are far worse off than I am, and saw my failures as an opportunity to pursue my inner most desires, a chance to do what I want and see where it takes me. Sometimes my mother even shouts at me in an attempt to try and reach me, she says I don't even show emotion when most people would, but the thing is I feel but I do not show it, I have my own ways of venting in a healthy manner. I look for ways forward I do not cry over past events. The past couple of years have gone by in a flash and in that flash a new me has risen, I want to be my true self from here on in...I want to project the person I am inside and introduce the world to him, I think that only then will I get the most out of life.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

We don't always get what we want, when we want it

I am still young and like I said in my finding a purpose post, I don't know why we exist, but I hope I find something meaningful to live for sooner rather than later. Have you noticed that sometimes in life you prepare for something your whole life and you convince your self that its what you want to do, you think you already know yourself, you let elder people such as your parents and teachers sort of unknowingly brainwash you into this image of yourself often influenced by what they want you to be. you go along with it foolishly thinking thats who you really are and you build a future based on what you have been building up for years. Many people live life that way until someday you get fired or you get your heart broken so badly you think the worl is about to end, because you had made the same mistakein your relationship that you had made earlier on in life....what is this mistake you say..well that putting all your eggs in one busket and thinking that the pathway you are on is the only pathway that will lead you to some perfect life.

life is made with these little speed bumps and sooner or later you will hit one, but I think its better if you hit these speed bumps earlier on in life so that you realise life is not perfect and that that things don;t always go the way you want them to. You should realise early on that people do bad things, that no one is perfect, there is no equation to a perfect life, your parents are not perfect and in the end we all end up damaged somehow...its these battle scars that make us strong, its these battle scars that makes us human so that eventually on our last day we know that we fought a brave war and we gave it our all.

what is happening to the standard of african football

The African cup of nations is usually a time of pride for us Africans, a time when we get to watch our heroes the best players in Europe come back home to show their skills against other African opposition. A time when the best teams in Africa face each other to see who is the king of Africa. Well all I can say is that the 2012 African cup of nations is a disappointment for me. Many of Africa's most popular and skillful teams did not qualify and so this African cup of nations was doomed from the beginning. This meant that a lot of people were not going to watch the African cup of nations, because many of the continents biggest teams also happen to come from some of the biggest counties in terms of size. This means that the African nations cup is going to receive or should I say is receiving a potentially decreased viewing.

The top African nations who did not qualify are Egypt, South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, I feel like this has left a big gap in the African spectacle. These are countries people want to see playing at the nations cup, countries who have qualified for the world cup before and have conquered the African continent before. Yes, top African teams like Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, and Morocco are there but That is not enough. I have watched some of the matches and I have to say that I am not impressed.  I am especially disappointed that Senegal, one of the teams with one of the best striking forces in Africa lost their matches and are now gone back home, they had a terrible showing, its like they did not show up. I know that the teams who qualified deserve to be there but i would also think that if you qualify using great footballing skill, even after you qualify you should keep the same standard of play or improve. I hope the next African cup of nations is better and that the big teams qualify, you only need a few small nations not a lot of them to make the tournament exciting.

what is up with bafana bafana

You know I used to be a real supporter of local football, but now I do not watch it that much anymore. I only watch kaizer chiefs games now, but even then its when they play a serious opposition. I know that South African football has improved and that our league is in the top 7 most endorsed leagues in the world and that our premier Soweto derby is one of the most watched and supported derbies in the world. What I fail to understand is why are the results of our improved league and standard of football not showing in the performance and rank of our national team bafana bafana.
Our team plays such attractive football but they just cant convert all that flare and ball possession into actual goals and wins. Its like we are in the league of draws even with seemingly weaker opposition. I said i do not support soccer all that much but I am very patriotic and I always support our boys even when they are sometimes more worried about bonuses when they should be worried about winning games first. I hope that we turn the corner and go back to our winning ways of the late 90's and early 2000's, this decade has been disappointing for us South Africans.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Chasing skirts

I used to be a shy kid, never talked much, did not have too many friends and I never used to eat when I was not at my own house. In my early teens when girls used to show me or tell me they liked me, that ended with me ignoring or avoiding them. I never used to like forward girls, not that its forward nowadays in the 21st century. I always liked chasing the chicks that was hard to get, the one who was a hidden beauty, the one no one realised was pretty until you started courting her. It always killed me how guys would totally ignore a girl until one guy was trying to hook up with her then the other guys would notice her and would soon be competing for her attention. I would often hear guys say they will go for the not so hot chick because she would be an easy target and the other guys would not notice her because she was not aesthetically pleasing, meanwhile other guys were thinking the same way and the not so pretty girl would end up being more active than the pretty girl everyone thought was going around the block.

I have always wondered if the ugly girl got so much attention then maybe in the end she would think she was pretty and end up developing a pretty girl attitude. And what about the pretty girls, I wonder if they like all the attention, a friend of mine once told me that beautiful girls are the loneliest girls in the world because other girls hate on them and guys just want to bed them.  He said it was hard for them to have genuine relationships hence most of them end up being superficial and misunderstood.

Have you noticed how most of the time in most girl groups there is one genuinely hot or beautiful and and she has not so pretty friends or average looking mates who the in turn make her seem even more beautiful, I have been noticing this phenomenon quite regularly in girl groups. Every once in a while you find hot girls who chill by themselves and discriminate against those who are not hot. And you find ugly or fat chicks chilling together which is just a sad sight.

Anyways going on about skirts I find that now in my early 20's, unlike in my early teens I like bad girls, chicks who come on to me especially when they are hot, I don't always have to be the one chasing. Its a real confidence boost which in turn not work that hard to get chicks when I do chase, I guess no one has ever been worth me sweating and stressing over getting them. Then again I am still very young and have lots of time in the game.

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