Saturday, 8 September 2012

Importance of Writing Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals
Goal setting leads to success

Many times we say we are going to do something, we often end up not doing it because we forgot about it. It is because we never made a real commitment to begin with, so it becomes easy to let things slide.

Why You Should Write Your Goals Down

To make a commitment, writing your goals down is like signing a contract with yourself a promissory of sorts. 

When you write your goals down place the piece of paper where you write those goals down where you see it every day, so you are constantly reminded about what you set out to achieve. This makes it impossible for your goals to slip your mind.

Writing down a long term goal into smaller short term goals which together get you to your long term goals, will let you see you progress as you tick or scratch off all that you have achieved, this also lets you see how much work you still have left for you to accomplish your goals.

If you write down the reason you wanted to achieve you goals in the first place, you are inspired and motivated everyday by the memory brought about by the visual stimulus which is the promissory note/contract with yourself.  

The written goal also serves as reference in the end when you evaluate your progress, you can look at your list of goals and check which goals you achieved and which ones you failed to accomplish, upon analysing you can then write down what you think you did wrong and what you can do to make sure you correct the mistakes you made the first time around. Even in failure you will learn, so you know that you did not waste time but gained valuable experience.

Also apart from writing your goals down you should tell people what you want to achieve and when, so that they can hold you accountable if you do not do what you publicly shared with others. You should share it with your friends and family members. Anyone that will make you feel like shit if you fail at what you set out to achieve.

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