Saturday, 7 April 2012

Be your own person - Do what you want to do

Take Back Control of Your Life

Its time to take back control of your life, that is assuming that you ever had control of your own life. At first it was your parents that controlled you, it was them who laid the foundation for who you were going to be, then it was your friends or lack of friends that made you a certain way. As you grew older it was society that controlled how you behaved through its judgement and conservative outlook. It was society who put you in a box with the rest of the people.

Be Different

To be something in this world you have to be different, you have to break free from the societal hold and finally express your true self. Your true-self is the only person that will leave a mark in this world, its your true self that is inside you that wants to be introduced to the world. Pleasing others by being this timid people pleasing person does not get you anywhere, its time to break free and do what you feel like doing. People have jobs they do not enjoy because they have no self belief to push hard and do what they really want to do, Guys are afraid of girls because they were never thought to communicate, their parents failed them. People lack creativity because 12 years of education ripped the creativity right out of them. What happened to the little kid who used to draw things around him, the kid who used to draw animals, trees, buildings, the kid who ran around freely with no care in the world, I will tell you what happened. As the years went by that little kid lost a part of himself until eventually he was like everybody else.

Do What others are not willing to do

When someone is a deviant everyone including the people you call your friends try so hard to make you like them, but what they do not realise is that we are not meant to be the same. As long as no laws and hearts are broken you can do what-ever you feel like doing. Some of us were not meant to work in offices and live in the same place till we push daises, people say the world is your oyster and yet they restrict themselves to what they are comfortable with. The many people who are successful are not successful because they have some special gift, they are successful because they were willing to do what others were not willing to do. In many things in life if you put in the hard work, if you sweat, fail and rise even stronger and smarter from your failures surely you shall conquer.

If you want something in life you work your butt off now so that you will have the comfort you seek later and then some...


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