Wednesday, 4 April 2012


If you think about it, life is supposed to be simple, we are born we grow up, mature find a mate and make babies, raise the babies and die. That happens but there is some Sh*t that happens in between that f*cks up the whole simplicity of this process. The truth is we humans are mostly self serving and and hate it when others are better than us so we complicated things. I want to you to just look at what drives the average human to do certain tasks, things like sex, and money.

Most people spend their lives chasing after riches, their whole life is based around the acquisition of supposed power that comes with having lot of money. People would do anything for money, they would kill, steal, sell kids, sell drugs and even sell themselves just to make some money. The concept of money brought with it all this negative stuff. 
freedom launching into space
being the best richest most powerful - launching yourself to the top

The other main thing that drives people is sex, some guys spend their lives chasing tail, even the rise in sexually transmitted diseases has not stop people from spreading their legs or digging in every hole that permits. I have to say that as a guy I think about sex all the time and everything I do is to in the end be able to get into some girls pants, even initial attraction is sexual  desire. When most guys see a girl they have already decided whether they would bang them or not and all the steps following that such as the flirtation, asking out, dancing, buying of drinks and treating the girl extra special and giving her all those compliments and attention is just so the guy can get into her pants. Relationships are more about finding a regular almost guaranteed shag but take other things into consideration so that you can stand to be around that person when you are not consummating your love. People like adding expenses to this simple need, girls take advantage of this by making the guy work for it because seems that guys usually are more into sex then girls. It should be pretty obvious that a guy who is with you wants to sleep with you, all that he does is for that end result, that does not make him a bad guy just a guy. 

As I have been saying money and sex are the main things that drive us but some people go out their way to find a deeper meaning of life and their existence. I simply think of it this way, If I were filthy rich or could afford to live without working then I would not work or study, all I would do is to do what-ever I felt like doing, be it travelling the world or chasing skirts. I would not work or study because we only do that so that we can live comfortably and sometimes in luxury for the richer folks, but I do acknowledge that there are those who love the process of studying ( like those people forever studying and acquiring different degrees and specialities) . Many people do not work because they want to, they do what they have to, to support their lifestyle and get what they want. Some people are just best suited for the life of an artist which is a lot less structured and more self expressive.


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