Tuesday, 31 January 2012

wanting to find a purpose

You know I have watched thousands of movies, I have gone to church before, I have read the bible and I have been alive for just over 2 decades and i still do not understand life as we know it. I know I am still young and maybe i still have a lot of years ahead of me but I just do not get it, I do not get why we are born and why we live the way we live.

They say we have to find a purpose in life, and I'm always hearing people saying they "have found the lord" and they now know what to live for and their purpose in life. These people are always inspired somehow by something I do not understand and at times they do irritate me saying that one day I too will find the lord and my calling. To be honest at times I feel like these people are on a fine line between being sane and insane because it does not make sense to me. I am always wondering when this lord will speak to me in the metaphorical sense, I am wondering when I will see what I am supposed to do and accomplish. 

I want to one day magically wake up with a cause and reason to wake up everyday. I do not want to end my life, in fact I want to live more experience more, meet different kinds of personalities. I want to understand the human condition, I want to understand why we are so dependant on some sort of belief system, I want to understand why we have been brainwashed since birth to think in a guided manner instead of our individuality and creativity being encouraged.

Ever since I could think for myself I have stopped going to church and I have started to question the very foundation in which our society is conditioned to think and operate. Up till this point I think that the only real purpose of life is to grow up, find a mate, have offspring and eventually die. The way I see it all the other stuff you do till you die is for your own entertainment. Most of what we do in between birth and death is not by choice. Its not your choice whether you are born or not, and its also usually not your choice when you die. The only choice we have is how we live and even that is not really our choice some people are born disabled, sick, weak, smart, rich, poor and a whole lot of other conditions. Some people are born in countries with civil wars and people are born black,white or Asian  which affects how they will be treated and the opportunities they will be afforded.

The world is not a fair or safe place, it has never been that way, its a dog eat dog world, all systems devised to make sure we are never equal. Many people find a purpose fighting for peoples rights but when they succeed in  one thing another problem pops up. I do not think we are all supposed to live the same way, so I suggest you do whatever you enjoy doing because its your life, if its not normal but it makes you happy, then do it because no one has the right to tell you how to live. Enjoy the one life you have because there is only one final destination for all of us, no matter how you live your life.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Things that are frowned upon yet so many people engage in them

I am beginning to wonder if people are really against such things or they pretend to be in public where they think being against such things is a normal. If many people do the things that are frowned upon doesn't that now mean people are for such behaviour or couldn't care less anymore....so here is a list of 5 things lots of people do but were or are frowned upon.

image by tOzz
  • Multiple sexual partners

    - this could be in many forms for example being in a polygamous marriage, cheating on your partner, or being with multiple persons without being serious with any of them. Well men have been doing it for ages and sure women have too but men more openly. It is seen as a worse offence if a female is engaged with multiple partners. There is a growing number of couples who have group sex and other such taboo sexual acts with multiple partners as well.
  •   older women with a younger man

    - this seems like the rise of the milf. A lot of older women are taking care of themselves and getting cosmetic surgery done to look younger and those who are recently divorced are engaging in relationships of a sexual nature with younger men. The norm has always been older guy younger female but the females are getting in on the action.
  • image by Evgeni Dinev
  • Not having a religion

    - this has historically been frowned upon, with people saying you will go to hell and treating you like a no gooder just because you don't believe in their religion. In recent years however there has been a rise in non-believers or atheist people. I don't know whether its because of a more proof based belief in science or society now being generally more accepting.
  • image by digitalart
  • Homosexuality

    - It used to be the worst things you could possibly be was to be gay but now because of media and a change in laws to protect gay people in a lot of countries, it is easier for gay people to come out of the closet. I have never seen so many gay people in my life before these last two years I have lived in Cape town. Gay people are generally more accepted now and are the top designers in the fashion world and people look to them for advice. Gay marriages are even legal in some countries now.   
  • image by Graur Codrin
  • Smoking weed

    - Smoking in public is banned here in South Africa but people do it anyways without fear because the cops do it too. Its a pretty useless law which no one enforces but the big problem is not just smoking but the smoking of dagga or marijuana or weed, whatever its called where you are from. It seems it has become accepted because a lot of people smoke it openly and it is common for university students to experiment at least once with weed. 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

When Cell phones really started improving

This is part 2 about cell phones...yesterday I did a post about the beginning of cell phones. I think I was in grade 8 when I got my first cell phone, and at the time flipping cell phones with a colour screen were the craze and having a phone with polyphonic ringtones was cool. I went to the phone shop to buy the exact same model everyone else around me was getting, it also came with a gold chain you could use to bling your neck up with your new trendy flipping phone. It was a motorola but I cannot recall the model because I ended up buying a different phone, a Motorola C650 which was a more advanced phone because not only did it have a colour screen, internet and cool games, it also played mp3's and had a camera. This phone would make me the coolest kid in school.

I loved my phone even though I had nobody to call, I used to play games all day on the phone and download new stuff. Fortunately for me this is when I really discovered the Internet, even though it was not really made for cellphones just yet. I used to search for all kinds of stuff, games, ring tones, wall papers, screen savers and unfortunately for my parents even though they have never found out this is how I discovered porn sites.

Anyways getting back to phones I totally fell in love with phones, soon I could set up things on other cell phones too and adults came to me for assistance( the word went around ). Soon the first smart phones came out and the first megapixel camera phones came out, phones that could play full mp3's were released, phones such as the Nokia N70 and samsung D500. Smart phones had 3G and video calling capabilities. Now phone companies started specialising to beat the competition, Nokia built quality multimedia phones for their top N-series range and samsung gave us phones with 2mp camera and you could attach speakers to your phone, sony ericson specialised in music phones and camera phones...They were now all in a war for sales and as soon as one improved all the others followed and who can forget motorola and their most popular style phone the Razr.

  I did not have the money to buy the best phone but I wanted one that looked good and cool full mp3's and had a little more space so I bought the Samsung X670. I loved that phone, it was cool,slim and it flipped.
 It did not last me a very long time because there were some issues with the screen so I decided to move to the nokia N-series to experience some features of a smart phone so I bought the N70 music edition. The N-70 was a cool phone, with lots of features and the best mobile games I had Ever played at the time and its ability to use third party software was awesome. I got pdf readers, anti viruses, browsers and a lot of other things. I pimped my phone and i loved that you could do many things at one time with the multimedia button. The music edition came with a 1gig memory card, was black in colour and had cool remote control headphones otherwise it was the same as the original. It had fast internet because of 3G and had almost computer like internet browsing.

Phones improved further buy increasing their megapixels and providing more space and features. The nokia n-95 was released and blew all of its competition away. It had the best of everything, the ability to to store and play movies,1000's of multimedia, take quality video's and use the best software for mobile devices. I wanted the n-95 but it was super expensive and rightfully so, but I fell in love with another phone I saw while walking through the mall, it looked so amazing and had 8gigs of memory and was intended as a multimedia gaming phone, it was just what I was looking for. I knew at that moment that I had to get that phone, it was also no cheap at the time and I told my mother I wanted the phone so she made a deal with me to improve my academic results in return for getting the then expensive Nokia n-81....

Friday, 20 January 2012

cell phones at the beginning...

Old Cell phones

Do you remember this phone?
old cell phones, brick phone

I do not think i was born yet when this phone was released. I cant blame you if you can't remember this, most people never had cellphones then, and most could not afford them. It was a huge brick if you think about it, not really handheld, it couldn't fit in ones pocket.  I remember the first time I saw a cellphone it was a Philips cellphone, my father bought one for my mother it looked cool back then but it was a weird shape, even though it was released in the late 90's it was still bricksize but smaller than the one above. It took a while for the phones to decrease in size, by the way the first improvement in cellphones was to decrease their size so that they could comfortably fit in our pockets and at the time that was a big deal and cellphones made big bucks with that now minor improvement.
brick phone
nokia 5110

Then  in 1998 the phone that changed the way I would come to see all phones was released, although I only found out about it in 2000. This phone was slim and had the best graphics at the time, I mean it had mobile games. You could play snake on this phone for hours because the battery on that phone lasted for days. My father had this phone for years even after it too was considered a brick by todays standards. I dont know how many times that phone was dropped or slipped from someones hands but would still function properly, old phones were quality. While my father was still fine with his phone everyone else around us had moved on to the next biggest thing the nokia 3310, it was the slimmer more improved phone with better graphics, downloadable monophonic ringtones. It had better graphics with screen savers and it had improved games llike space impact and a new and improved snake, wow this phone was amazing and was expensive too.
evolution of the cell phone

Nokia were the first to bring us the a cellphone with polyphonic ringtones too, I have been a fan of their brand ever since the 5110, they always produced quality phones with the latest technology but they were always expensive, rightfully so though. The first nokia with polyphonic ringtones was the Nokia  3510
evolution of the cell phone

Thursday, 19 January 2012

social media or antisocial media?

You always hear stories about how our parents used to be so active when they were young. They tell you they used to play lots of sports and other outdoor activities. Nowadays most teenagers and young adults just play computer games or games on gaming consoles, we watch too much television because of the wide array of tv channels to watch, and the most viral form of distraction in the 21st is now social networking sites like facebook, twitter.

It used to be only nerds and geeks used to socialise using the internet, but now everyone including parents and business people are using social network sites. I for one am guilty of using social networks but so are the majority of people I know. I have no issue with social networks but somehow they have managed to replace real life interaction and activity for virtual communication. The birth of the smartphone has aided in the spread of this global epidemic, because they allow you to access and update these social networking sites on the move. This in turn has contributed to an increase of antisocial behaviour, I mean you would be speaking to someone and their attention would be on their phone checking who is tweeting what and liking that statement... I mean its ridiculous some people forget theres still a reality here. Sometimes when I am studying on my laptop I would take a break by checking out facebook and updating my status and the break ends up longer than the study period, I have seen it with most of the kids on campus as well, when you walk into a com-lab you see most screens on facebook. Some people chat on facebook for whole days without doing anything productive.

I do not believe these social networks were meant to take over your life, but thats what they have done and have proven to be very addictive just like television and the games before them. They also contribute to poor health and an antisocial frame of mind in that instead of actual human contact people would rather click away on their mobiles and pc's.

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