Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Things that are frowned upon yet so many people engage in them

I am beginning to wonder if people are really against such things or they pretend to be in public where they think being against such things is a normal. If many people do the things that are frowned upon doesn't that now mean people are for such behaviour or couldn't care less anymore....so here is a list of 5 things lots of people do but were or are frowned upon.

image by tOzz
  • Multiple sexual partners

    - this could be in many forms for example being in a polygamous marriage, cheating on your partner, or being with multiple persons without being serious with any of them. Well men have been doing it for ages and sure women have too but men more openly. It is seen as a worse offence if a female is engaged with multiple partners. There is a growing number of couples who have group sex and other such taboo sexual acts with multiple partners as well.
  •   older women with a younger man

    - this seems like the rise of the milf. A lot of older women are taking care of themselves and getting cosmetic surgery done to look younger and those who are recently divorced are engaging in relationships of a sexual nature with younger men. The norm has always been older guy younger female but the females are getting in on the action.
  • image by Evgeni Dinev
  • Not having a religion

    - this has historically been frowned upon, with people saying you will go to hell and treating you like a no gooder just because you don't believe in their religion. In recent years however there has been a rise in non-believers or atheist people. I don't know whether its because of a more proof based belief in science or society now being generally more accepting.
  • image by digitalart
  • Homosexuality

    - It used to be the worst things you could possibly be was to be gay but now because of media and a change in laws to protect gay people in a lot of countries, it is easier for gay people to come out of the closet. I have never seen so many gay people in my life before these last two years I have lived in Cape town. Gay people are generally more accepted now and are the top designers in the fashion world and people look to them for advice. Gay marriages are even legal in some countries now.   
  • image by Graur Codrin
  • Smoking weed

    - Smoking in public is banned here in South Africa but people do it anyways without fear because the cops do it too. Its a pretty useless law which no one enforces but the big problem is not just smoking but the smoking of dagga or marijuana or weed, whatever its called where you are from. It seems it has become accepted because a lot of people smoke it openly and it is common for university students to experiment at least once with weed. 


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