Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Farewell London - The end of a great Olympics

London 2012 Was Awesome

Micheal was shocked he lost by mistiming his touch and Chad had his perfectly timed with a strong finish
So the Olympics have come and gone, and they have left us with many memories. I can’t wait for 4 years to fly by once more so that I can witness the Brazil Olympics. A lot of records were broken during these Olympics from the pool to the track, and it was all exciting to watch, it amazing how 2 weeks vanishes in a flash, it’s amazing how 4 years of hard training ends in the making of sporting legends and how other fail when it comes to the main event when they have been dominant in the years coming up to the Olympics.

America had the most medals, that was to be expected from the sporting super power, they dominate most events, especially the pool, basketball and track and field events. Australia had a disappointing Olympics this time around, the gold medals seemed to elude them especially in the pool, but one great swimming countries fall means other smaller fish get to rise to the occasion. And the smaller fish did rise to the occasion this Olympics saw France dominate the men’s freestyle events, it saw South African Cameron Van Der Burgh win gold and break the 100 breast stroke even though his speciality was the 50m breast stroke, this Olympics saw future swimming legends born when 20 year old Chad le Clos from South Africa won gold in the 200m butterfly, beating Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian of all time who had dominated the pool for more than a decade, Chad then went on to take silver in the 100 butterfly final, this time the legend made sure he won.

@LeClos_Swim agrees to go to this ladies Matric Farewell! Inc... on Twitpic
Chad agrees to go with girl to her matric dance which is like prom 

Michael Phelps became the greatest Olympian of all time in London 2012, with a total of 22 medals and 18 gold medals; no one comes close to matching him. Sadly for us this is said to have been his last Olympic games.

The high light of this Olympics for me was again just like 4 years ago, the 100m dash final, to see who the fastest man in the world is, and with no surprise it was once again the legend, Usain Bolt. The man is a beast, no one can catch him or even come close to him, it was as if he was racing himself and the rest were in their own race for 2nd and 3rd position. It was good to see that Jamaica have an even stronger sprinting team now. They are going to dominate athletics for a long time, I tell you. When they broke the 4*100 relay they stamped their speed authority, the U.S.A team was good but not good enough. With Yohan Blake and Bolt in the same team (2 fastest men in the world), there was no way any other team would win that relay final. Bolt and Yohan Blake finished 1st and 2nd for both the 100m and 200m sprint events, which shows just how awesome the Jamaican sprinters are.

I do not know about other countries but our (South African) athletes arrived today and were greeted by tons of proud supporters at the OR Tambo international. There is plenty to be proud of, I know the athletes who won medals are getting cheques, but I hope they get proper funding in the way of sponsorships so that they continue to do great work and I hope that sports such as rowing are now promoted and funded since the sport has gained some media coverage since we won gold in the men’s light weight 4 men rowing.

Oh and before I forget Great Britain did really well during these Olympics, using their home ground advantage effectively, so well done to the Brits and the city of London for putting on a great show. 

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