Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BlackBerry and its BBM are everywhere and going strong

Blackberry is everywhere, everywhere I turn its BBM this and BBM that, I have to admit its a cool application and it sucks because I am not one those people who do what others are doing and follow the trend. The worst part of all of this is that most people have it and those of us that don't have it miss out on things because everyone else has already shared the information on BBM. I like to call it the government handout phone becuase there are so many people carrying it around its as if its handed out for free.

Not all BlackBerry's are popular only the entry-level curve which comes in different colors for personal customisation like pink,white and black.

Phone people love to hate
Then the is the BlackBerry Bold and the Torch the other popular but more expensive options, I have no problems with those phones I think they are descent phones for this day and age, but there are better phones out there for the same price unless you are a socialite of-course.

 Well the reason I wrote this post is because BlackBerry have released the latest version of the entry-level curve, the BlackBerry Curve 9360. They have improved it now, at-least its a descent phone now, it is more like the bold OS7 and liquid graphics. I suspect BlackBerry is going strong and is going to stay strong for a while, so if you are the type that wants the latest gossip and you don't want to miss any parties...then its the phone for you. As for me I'm not that into phones as I was a couple years ago, if it can make phone calls, has 3G and can email and surf the web, I'm cool with it as long as its not everywhere. 

Oh and here's a picture of the latest curve:


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