Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The greatest super hero powers


Lets face it we have all at some point wished we were super heroes or heroins, we have all wished to have super powers. Maybe it was because we had  very active imaginations as kids, we wore costumes and had all sorts of super hero toys to play with. The funny thing is some of us have not outgrown the love of super heroes and still have active imaginations. One of many questions that pops up is if you were a hero who would you be or more importantly what powers would you want if you were a super hero?

Would you be like Superman, the Green Lantern, the Flash, The hulk even though he is not really a super hero, Captain America, Spider-man, Aqua-man the list goes on and on. Would you rather be super smart and have man-made powers like Batman and Iron-man.

Its a good thing most super heroes don't get to choose really because it would be a really difficult choice. Just think about it, each super power, usually has its own weakness, no-one can be invincible. Would you go for super strength, the ability to fly, to have a ring that make you do what ever your mind can conjure up, to control the elements, to heal faster than any human, to be animal like, beastly and have powers that mimic others like some of the mutations in X-men.
 To be a demi-god like Hercules or to be a God yourself not that these are super heroes but they do have super powers.

This would a tough decision but If I were to choose I would be the alien Superman he has a variety of super powers and his only weakness is kryptonite. If there were any krytonite I am sure it would be hard to find and if I were Clark Kent I would have killed lex or any other villain long ago.

I guess that is why we can not all be super heroes and why super heroes are vigilantes. We could use our powers for wrong doing and to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Then again being a villain is not so bad, in the movies and comics that is when they are not always making you lose, you have cool powers and get to do all the fun stuff like destroying  buildings and infrastructure and cars, plus you don;t follow any rules you do what you like when you want to do it and you don't your identity, people shit scared of you. The super hero has to chase after you and worry about saving people when you two are fighting, but he hides his true-self from the very people he protects. Perhaps for some the initial question is better rephrased as which villain power is the greatest?  Well that is a topic for another post all together now.


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