Friday, 20 July 2012

Glee has become too Gay

I loved the first season of Glee, because I am a musical person at heart, it was a awesome to see people of different backgrounds, from the cool cheerleaders and football players to the less cool gays and theatre hopefuls hanging out together. It was cool to see music bringing different cliques together; it was even more amazing to see them sticking together even when the rest of the school was against them.
hit TV show glee too gay

I know that the show is far from being realistic just like a bollywood movie, life is not a musical, but it was sort of more realistic in the first season then it is now. Most of my male friends do not watch this show because it s a bit on the gay side, they prefer watching something like supernatural. I am a series guy in general hence I watch most series.

There are a few things I disagree with in general with the direction the show has taken in the most recent two seasons. They give people the impression that all boys only private schools are filled with gay guys or atleast that the guys in the glee clubs are homosexual which is actually not true, I have friends who went to all boys schools and were in choirs and they are certainly not gay( not that there is anything wrong with being gay). In Glee they makes Kurt’s boyfriend (Blaine) who used to be the leader of that all boys school private school glee club gay, they also make his replacement gay as well.

They also make the big bully guy (karofsky) that used to bully Kurt gay. I know that they are trying to say that it is okay for kids who are gay to come out of the closet, and they are trying to show them they are not alone but I do not think it is the right direction to lead the show. The last time I checked I thought the show was about music and not sexual orientation, I feel that the show could potentially put off a lot of straight guys from being in glee clubs if that gives off an impression of being gay, kids are not nice especially to gay kids (I know the show is trying to stop bully especially because of sexual orientation but I feel this leads to more bullying).

Oh and one final thing they also make the Santana chick a lesbian and her girlfriend Britney who really does not know herself is bi-sexual since she swings both ways, making a large portion of the regular cast homo sexual which is not a true representation of the real world. I still like the singing part of the show but I do not get the direction they are taking with the show.


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