Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Citizen of the world

Many people will grow up in a certain town, state/province and then they will get married to someone from there and never move away from that place, I do not agree with that kind of a life where you live your life not having seen anything not having explored your country or even other countries. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with living like that, I just think is boring and we have got to see more of the world since we only have one lifetime to live, so we have to see as much as we can and live life until our battery goes empty.

There are many reasons people never move away from the place they are born, but the most common is that many people cannot afford to, they live from “pay check to pay check” so moving and travelling can be a difficult task. Others just enjoy being in their comfort zone, within reach of family members, where mommy and daddy can lend a hand. They need to know that should any problem arise then they will have the family structure to support them. The place or area where you grew up is also the place where you have child hood friends who you have known forever and you trust they also form part of your support structure.
the globe is a big place but its much easier to travel now

Another thing that always keeps people from seeing the world or even their country is the traditional structure of life, people simply finish high school, find a job or go to university then finds a job and pretty soon they have kids and get married and it’s all downhill from there, you will never really do anything you wanted before you had all this responsibility, you are now caught in the parenthood trap (although many people aspire just to be good parents). If you get a great job you might still be able to travel with your family but it rarely happens.

For some it’s going to university that lets them see a different part of the world far away from home, which will give them a new perspective and they will probably never go back home because they now know just how backwards or boring home is. They recognise that there are more opportunities for growth both financially and personally elsewhere. For many other people university is not an option (as my friend ED once said “university is a privilege”). People who do not go to university are most likely to stay in their home towns or states/provinces doing menial jobs that do not afford them the opportunity to see the world (and that are a shame). They are also more likely to get caught in the baby trap much earlier than university goers which in turn will make life more difficult and make it harder for them to pursue their dreams.

I am not saying this is true for everyone but these are just generalisations based on what I have seen. I do not want to live in one place for a long period of time; I want to see different places, to experience different cultures. I do not want to get caught in the baby trap before I have lived as an individual, I want to find myself first before any major life changes, and I also just do not agree with the norms, maybe I just like to be the outcast all the time. 


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