Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Increasing nudity in social media

I am fascinated by how people behave and what drives them to behave in certain ways. I like reading and watching series and documentaries based on past events and era’s, for example it is interesting watching series like Spartacus which are sexually explicit and extremely violent, depicting Rome at the height of its power. It is evident that ancient people were very open about sexuality, and nudity was something people were not ashamed of.
nude in clothes
You've got to love motor sports and it's babes. That chick is nude in clothes.

Somewhere in between then and now someone had this brilliant idea that nudity was not acceptable and that people should be self conscious and covered up and it worked. Maybe it was because of religion and its rise to power throughout the world, it turned acts of sexuality into sins and people who went against it would be named and shamed.  Ancient statues showing nudity and even paintings depicting sexual acts where common in the past and would even be put in public places, but the world has changed now, people have changed their way of thinking but have they really?

This takes me to the real topic at hand, with the rise of social media it seems like people are going back to their ancient ways following the footsteps of their ancestors. When you think about it how many times have you seen people posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook without shame, girls clad in scanty outfits posing in questionable poses? How many people have Tumblr blogs that are about sex and how many more people have tumblr blogs made for the sole purpose of exposing themselves to the public? Some are not ashamed and even show their faces, some still afraid that someone they know will find out so they hide their identity.

Most of these people mostly girls also chat on webcams with fans and those who are smart enough make a living from exposing themselves. They start personal blogs which are monetised or they start membership sites where you have to join to see their explicit content. The less technically gifted girls earn most of their money using donations from their fans and getting gifts from fans.

It is not only Facebook and Tumblr but Twitter is also sort of like a porn site, with things like titty Tuesday, wet Wednesday,  twitter after dark, ass Wednesday, thong Thursday, thongless Thursday and many more twitter hash tags used to encourage nudity and sexuality.

Social networks give otherwise normal people a chance to get attention, be it sexual or what-ever else, it give couple and other likeminded couples a chance to find each other and explore their fantasies. You would think that the world is a conservative place but it really is not, many people are more wild then you would imagine, you never know that conservative next door neighbour of yours might be one of those people with one of these adventurous accounts posting anonymous pictures with their face covered up, some even revealing their face which is even more risky.

Even people is respectable jobs are into this exposure, I once watched an episode (I don’t remember if it was Oprah or another daytime show) where this teacher was fired from her teaching job because she had nude pictures online. Even though she was not inappropriate with the kids, I think many parents felt uncomfortable with her teaching their kids.

I do not know whether it’s the celebrities who have encouraged nudity and sexuality in the past few years with things like sex tapes and deliberate public nudity but this kind of behaviour is on the rise on social networks and everyone is doing it I mean from teenagers to old married couples. I am not against it in fact I feel that it provides and alternative for the over photo-shopped images you find on pro porn sites, the amateurs are doing it themselves now. 


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