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Thursday, 31 January 2013

AFCON2013 South Africa Group Stages Over, Quarter Finalists, Fixtures

Goodbye Beautiful Ethiopian girls at AFCON supporting their team

It has been quite an eventful past couple weeks at the AFCON 2013 South Africa. We started off with 16 teams now 8 have been eliminated and we move on to the next round of matches the Knockout stages, the business end of the tournament, the quarter finals. Over the past couple of weeks we saw a boring start to the AFCON with many matches ending in draws, but that did not last very long because by the second group games teams like South Africa, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso improved their game and started scoring those crucial goals and with those goals the AFCON got more interesting. Teams Like Cape Verde who only have about 500 000 people in their entire country did well and impressed many people, the girls did not want Cape Verde to leave as they were enjoying the “eye candy” according to some twitter updates I read earlier these past couple of weeks. Teams like Angola continued to under-perform during this tournament just as they did in previous AFCON’s.

Which Teams Were Eliminated from the AFCON 2013 South Africa?

All of the Northern African teams were eliminated during the first round during the group stages, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are all out. Algeria had a bad tournament and failed to pull off a single victory or to score in the first two matches, they had a 2 goal lead late in the second half but managed to screw up and concede to late goals from Ivory Coast. Morocco played well but not well enough, they played 3 draws which was not good enough to secure a quarter final spot. Morocco tried to win the last match against the lowest ranked side in their group South Africa but it was not to be as the hosts  managed to come back twice in the game to secure a draw and to end top of their group. Tunisia failed to qualify even after being given two penalties in their final match against Togo, where the ref was giving most of the decisions to their side, they only managed to get one penalty in the back of the net and their draw was not enough to see them through to the next round.

The Upset of this tournament so far is the group stages Knockout of Zambia the defending champions who got knocked out when they failed to win their final match against Burkina Faso. Angola also got eliminated during the first round, their poor AFCON performance record continues. Ethiopia were also eliminated despite having thousands of vibrant fans supporting them during their matches, they started the AfCON 2013 well giving people hope but then they were trashed 4-0 by Burkina Faso and 2-0 by Nigeria to seal their AFCON first round exit. Niger are also out, it is like they never showed up for the AFCON.  DR Congo were also eliminated after staging a great come back from 2-0 down against Ghana in first match, but disappointing in their next two matches.

Which teams qualified for the AfCON Quarterfinals?

Ivory Coast were the first to qualify with a 2-1 win over Togo and a 3-0 win over Tunisia to seal their place in the quarterfinals after only two games. The host Nation South Africa qualified with two draws and a convincing win over Angola. Ghana was not playing their best football but they also qualified to the next round quite easily.  Mali is a regular in qualifying to the next round, even though they qualified they did not play very well, their coach stated that it was because most of his players were not getting game time at their teams so we should expect to see them improve as the tournament progresses. Nigeria have had a poor showing so far, this being the weakest Nigerian team I have ever seen but they managed to qualify to the next round. Togo managed to qualify to the next round as well, even though the ref was against them in their final match they pulled through. Burkina Faso sealed their place by beating Ethiopia 4-0 and getting a draw against the defending champions. The surprise qualifiers have been the 500 000 nation Cape Verde who qualified by beating Angola during their last group match.

Quarterfinal Fixtures

Ghana vs Cape Verde, Saturday Feb 2, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, 17:00
South Africa vs Mali, Saturday Feb 2, Moses Mabhida Stadium, 20:30
Ivory Coast vs Nigeria, Sunday Feb 3, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, 17:00
Burkina Faso vs Togo, Sunday Feb 3, Mbombela Stadium, 20:30

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Increasing nudity in social media

I am fascinated by how people behave and what drives them to behave in certain ways. I like reading and watching series and documentaries based on past events and era’s, for example it is interesting watching series like Spartacus which are sexually explicit and extremely violent, depicting Rome at the height of its power. It is evident that ancient people were very open about sexuality, and nudity was something people were not ashamed of.
nude in clothes
You've got to love motor sports and it's babes. That chick is nude in clothes.

Somewhere in between then and now someone had this brilliant idea that nudity was not acceptable and that people should be self conscious and covered up and it worked. Maybe it was because of religion and its rise to power throughout the world, it turned acts of sexuality into sins and people who went against it would be named and shamed.  Ancient statues showing nudity and even paintings depicting sexual acts where common in the past and would even be put in public places, but the world has changed now, people have changed their way of thinking but have they really?

This takes me to the real topic at hand, with the rise of social media it seems like people are going back to their ancient ways following the footsteps of their ancestors. When you think about it how many times have you seen people posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook without shame, girls clad in scanty outfits posing in questionable poses? How many people have Tumblr blogs that are about sex and how many more people have tumblr blogs made for the sole purpose of exposing themselves to the public? Some are not ashamed and even show their faces, some still afraid that someone they know will find out so they hide their identity.

Most of these people mostly girls also chat on webcams with fans and those who are smart enough make a living from exposing themselves. They start personal blogs which are monetised or they start membership sites where you have to join to see their explicit content. The less technically gifted girls earn most of their money using donations from their fans and getting gifts from fans.

It is not only Facebook and Tumblr but Twitter is also sort of like a porn site, with things like titty Tuesday, wet Wednesday,  twitter after dark, ass Wednesday, thong Thursday, thongless Thursday and many more twitter hash tags used to encourage nudity and sexuality.

Social networks give otherwise normal people a chance to get attention, be it sexual or what-ever else, it give couple and other likeminded couples a chance to find each other and explore their fantasies. You would think that the world is a conservative place but it really is not, many people are more wild then you would imagine, you never know that conservative next door neighbour of yours might be one of those people with one of these adventurous accounts posting anonymous pictures with their face covered up, some even revealing their face which is even more risky.

Even people is respectable jobs are into this exposure, I once watched an episode (I don’t remember if it was Oprah or another daytime show) where this teacher was fired from her teaching job because she had nude pictures online. Even though she was not inappropriate with the kids, I think many parents felt uncomfortable with her teaching their kids.

I do not know whether it’s the celebrities who have encouraged nudity and sexuality in the past few years with things like sex tapes and deliberate public nudity but this kind of behaviour is on the rise on social networks and everyone is doing it I mean from teenagers to old married couples. I am not against it in fact I feel that it provides and alternative for the over photo-shopped images you find on pro porn sites, the amateurs are doing it themselves now. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Most attractive girl/skinny girl/curvy girl/fit girl/fat girl

I would like to think that I am a fit guy, I workout and I have what may be referred to as a lean muscular body (even though at the moment I am trying to gain more muscle). I as a guy who works out do not expect  a chick who I am interested in or even involved with to go to the gym, heck most chicks I and most of my friends are attracted to are normal chicks who do not even workout. Being a black guy I have a preference of course for women who are curvy (not that all black guys prefer curvy women). And when I say curvy I do not mean fat girls, I am not into fat girls I feel they are unhealthy and should seriously consider a change in diet and maybe consider working out.
Joelle as beautiful skinny fitgirl

Some of these curvy women may be considered fat by others because from a certain stand point they may be slightly overweight but I have no issues with that. Girls with a little cellulite and some fat on their belly are normal and I still find them attractive, they have that hourglass or pear shape with wide hips that makes them look attractive because that whole shape makes them different from males.

I am not usually attracted to skinny girls as well because they lack shape and vital features that appeal to me (breasts that are average or bigger, butts that are shapely and not flat), they look more like teenage boys to me but since this is just my opinion I know that there are guys out there who like the skinny chicks.

Having an athletic chick that works out and has a nice shapely body is a dream for most dudes including me but having a tight athletic hot babe body alone is using unless it’s not a serious relationship you are looking for. Since I love being in shape and working out a fit chick could be a good match.

Going back to the fat girl topic, I do not give fat girls the time of day, nor flirt or give them any reason to think I am attracted to them. I do not like being an asshole especially to nice people, so I will be friend’s maybe, but not to the point where I lead a fat chick on. In bodybuilding forums the fat chicks are referred to as WHALES (mean, I know – Gym guys are douche bags, I am one I should know). Fat people come up with all sorts of excuses like low self esteem (who do you suppose should change that for you?), comfort eating (eating to solve your problems creates more problems so why do you continue to do that? Are you an idiot?), and they call them self shapely and curvy as a excuse (the curvy guys speak of is a shape like pear shape and hour glass figure not irregulars troughs and crests of skin folds all over the body).

 I know it’s a bit mean (I did say I was a bit of a douche bag) but you are responsible for your own health and well being, excuses get your nowhere. Unless you have some medical cause for why you keep piling on weight, you have no real excuse, you are just lazy and do not care enough for your own health.

Being obese increases the chances of you getting health problems and I am not attracted to people who do not care about how they look or those that do nothing about it but make it worse. Your body is your temple it’s your own responsibility to look after it.

I got a little side tracked there; my point is the average chick could be the most beautiful girl to me, because personality trumps all other things. I have been into more normal chicks than hot tight fit chicks because I found that in super hot chicks there is often some attitude issues (again this is just my opinion, you can make up your own mind). Moreover I like girls who can stand up for themselves and not just take my shit. Chicks with more than just looks are the most attractive, looks pull you in but they do not keep you interested even through the B.S. And I am not saying I could not fall for a fatty, all I am saying is I would never be happy with the way she looks, her body would disgust me even if I was attracted to her personality which is not a good thing.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What is it about celebrities that make the world so banana’s over them

Celebrities are the talk of every town; put their face on something and it sells. Just think about it, put a celebrity on an advert and people want to find out about it. Put their name on a fragrance, clothing line, sunglasses, a cell phone or any other product and it sells. I just do not get it.
Celebrities are known to be the leaders in fashion, they are the trend setters, and they are also severely criticized when they have fashion flops. All the attention is on them, and I guess it’s all that attention that brings them bags of money.

And sure a lot of celebrities are good looking but most of them are weird looking and maybe that’s why they are so appealing to the masses. A friend of mine said to me just the other day that people do not want to see people like them on TV that is not interesting, that is why you get people who are not necessarily attractive on TV because they are interesting, you get these exotic looking girls in movies to create this feel like the movies are removed from reality because we are not usually exposed to people who look like that.
 My friend even said look at models for example they are not necessarily beautiful with the exception of the Victoria’s Secret Angels but what makes them appealing to the fashion world because it is as much of an art as it is about clothing is that they are unusually tall for females and have weird features not usually found in the general population.
beautiful victorias secret angel
Victorias Secret Angel- highly paid for beauty

Some celebrities especially male celebrities use their physique to get to the top but it is not like they have the most amazing physique out there, I’m am sure there are a lot of guys out there who have great bodies but do not use them to their advantage except for getting the occasional girl or two. You will also find celebs marketing fitness products for abs when they themselves do not have the most ripped abs but it sells because they know how to market them and get the attention they need combined with the modern day obsession with celebrities to earn millions of dollars.
This all makes me think of the many guys out there who are leaving money without even knowing it, do you know how much of a killing guys make in fitness just by marketing fitness products, lots of people would pay for a proven blueprint just to get abs if you have the correct way of presenting your results and promoted yourself. The internet has now made it possible for normal guys like you and be to be able to market ourselves and become online celebrities and if not internet celebrities at least you could attain the reach of a celebrity.

Going back to this funny thing of being a celebrity, maybe not everyone can handle being a celeb because they are many downsides to being well known, you lose your privacy. Everything that you do becomes public knowledge, some celebs get death threats and crazy stalkers. Some people believe the characters played by celebrities are real. The media looks for all the bad stuff you do because that sells more, scandals get more attention for them. The celeb lifestyle is expensive and must be fun but many celebrities end up with drug problems, or problems with alcohol abuse and many can’t seem to have lasting relationships and marriages. The truth is some of us were not meant to be celebrities.
Paris famous heiress

On the other side of the celebrity spectrum there are the attention whores, the celebrities who would do anything to be talked about. These celebs would do things like expose their drugs problems, have public wardrobe malfunctions, flash their private parts purposefully in public, make sex tapes, date much younger men or much older women if they are male nobodies looking to get famous and spend the old MILF’s cash. There are even celebs that are famous for being famous, because they have a lot of money and hang out with famous people doing shit that always puts them in the tabloids and other trashy media outlets.

I do not get this celebrity obsession, and how it came into being. All I know is it get these people a lot of money and with money comes a whole lot of other stuff like, power, influence, drugs,  girls and toy boys. We are not all made for fame, if I could choose between just being rich and being famous, I would choose to be just rich with a low public profile.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Beautiful South African Women

We have beautiful women in South Africa, no matter where you go you will find beautiful women. Now I am not saying that there are no beautiful women in other countries but I am saying appreciate what you have first enjoy the fruits of your own lands, and then explore the rest of the world if you don't find what you like in your own country. So for now I give you some of the better known beauties of South Africa, models and media personalities:

Boitumelo Thulo

Bonang Matheba

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Boucher

Joelle Kayembe

Lalla Hirayama

Lee Anne Liebenberg

Minenhle Dlamini

Tansey Coetzee

Shashi Naidoo

Zizo Beda

Terry Pheto

Nonhle Thema

Pearl Thusi

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