Sunday, 17 June 2012

Are Athletes worth all that money?

If you look around at all the popular sports in the world or even in America alone, in the NFL, the NBA, the English Premier League or the La Liga, the athletes in those leagues make a lot of moola. The guys at the top of their game make even more money, they bag some more cash with sponsorship deals and their names become brands.

A lot of people say that athletes do not deserve so much money, or that they do not need so much money, that it’s no longer about the love of sport but that sport has become a business. A lot of people say that all that money should be spent on worthy causes like charities and helping the under privileged.
Christiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Player

I am sure that a lot of the points people make about the money athletes make are valid but they are all subjective just like this post. We all see things from a different perspective. Here is one way of looking at things, we all grow up having hobbies when we are kids, most people do not get the chance to make their hobby their source of income. Most people end up doing something they dislike just to make ends meet. If you could make money doing something you love you would too.

Athletes are entertainers, that is what they do, they train hard to be the best at what they do. Every time they train or get onto the play ground they risk injury and their careers have a time limit, unlike most careers they could lose everything in a second and have no source of income and even if they do not get permanently injured they always to be in the best shape of their lives because there is always someone younger, stronger or faster waiting for the opportunity to take their place.

The entertainment industry is full of money, because we all want to be entertained and we are willing to pay good money to make sure we are entertained. I do agree that they make too much money but they deserve that money, they work for it, they did not cheat anyone out of it. Athletes are entertainers just like movie stars and other celebrities; they all make a ton of cash that is the way of life.

Athletes fill stadiums with paying fans who buy their merchandise, which makes them a lot of money. Their faces are put on products and those products sell, who do you suppose takes all that money made from using their talent and image? People complain about athletes making too much money when children are starving, I say athletes do donate to worthy causes and start charities and development centres, but what of the politicians whose job it is to make sure there are no starving children who chow our tax money and line their pockets in positions of power?

I do acknowledge that athletes make a ton of money and I am fine with that, they work for it, if you could do the same thing (use a talent to make money) you would, if not that is your own thing. This is life everything revolves around cash, tell me when that changes.


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