Friday, 20 January 2012

cell phones at the beginning...

Old Cell phones

Do you remember this phone?
old cell phones, brick phone

I do not think i was born yet when this phone was released. I cant blame you if you can't remember this, most people never had cellphones then, and most could not afford them. It was a huge brick if you think about it, not really handheld, it couldn't fit in ones pocket.  I remember the first time I saw a cellphone it was a Philips cellphone, my father bought one for my mother it looked cool back then but it was a weird shape, even though it was released in the late 90's it was still bricksize but smaller than the one above. It took a while for the phones to decrease in size, by the way the first improvement in cellphones was to decrease their size so that they could comfortably fit in our pockets and at the time that was a big deal and cellphones made big bucks with that now minor improvement.
brick phone
nokia 5110

Then  in 1998 the phone that changed the way I would come to see all phones was released, although I only found out about it in 2000. This phone was slim and had the best graphics at the time, I mean it had mobile games. You could play snake on this phone for hours because the battery on that phone lasted for days. My father had this phone for years even after it too was considered a brick by todays standards. I dont know how many times that phone was dropped or slipped from someones hands but would still function properly, old phones were quality. While my father was still fine with his phone everyone else around us had moved on to the next biggest thing the nokia 3310, it was the slimmer more improved phone with better graphics, downloadable monophonic ringtones. It had better graphics with screen savers and it had improved games llike space impact and a new and improved snake, wow this phone was amazing and was expensive too.
evolution of the cell phone

Nokia were the first to bring us the a cellphone with polyphonic ringtones too, I have been a fan of their brand ever since the 5110, they always produced quality phones with the latest technology but they were always expensive, rightfully so though. The first nokia with polyphonic ringtones was the Nokia  3510
evolution of the cell phone


bobthewelder said...

Yes I remember the BIG BULKY Motorola monsters. They were the first, you had a monthly service charge plus 50 cents a minute..Technology has come a long way. This when you know you're getting older. I got one for you I remember buying gas for 25 cents a gallon. I did not get a computer until April 2008, I'm still trying to catch up..

Eugene Madondo said...

hehe yeah the prices of fuel have gone up so much especially in the past decade. There have been so many advances in technology in the past couple of years that I have stopped trying to keep up to date.

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