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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting More Followers, Visitors, Reblogs, and Likes on Tumblr

getting more followers on Tumblr
Getting more Tumblr Reblogs and likes from my tumblr dashboard

Tumblr is a very popular blogging and social media platform, if you are looking to start a blog this is a great platform in terms of how your content gets shared by others. You could also use Tumblr  as a picture blog that links to your main written blog because people on Tumblr like short content as opposed to 1000 word posts. If you are planning to start a Tumblr blog or already have one but want to increase your followers and the hits you get each day then continue reading this post as I share some of the stuff I learnt since joining Tumblr about 9 months ago.

How to Get More Tumblr Followers

  • To get followers on Tumblr you need to get   people to see your stuff first. How do you make people see your stuff? Well first you have to make it interesting, if it is interesting people will share it and with a social/blogging network like Tumblr your blog could go viral.

  • Post stuff that is unique, do not just reblog other people, if you want to grow your number of followers you should post mostly stuff that you created or you found, stuff that you think no one else has posted on Tumblr yet. You want to be the go to person not the copycat.

  • Tag your pictures with the write keywords for your target market, go to google type in the first few words of the terms you want to rank for, use the other related searches that show up on google in your tags to get more people. For example if you are a fitspo, people on google now search for terms like gym motivation tumblr instead of just gym motivation so use that as one of your tags.

  • Do not just post pictures; write something related to the picture as a caption. Write down a quote that you think goes well with the picture. It’s not enough having a picture having a quote written on it, the search engine can’t read that. Most people do not write stuff underneath their pictures that is why you do not find a lot of tumble blogs ranking well in google for non picture searches. I managed to rank my Tumblr blog well on the first page of google for my target keywords because I give all my pictures written titles or captions that are quotes or little words of wisdom.

  • Schedule your posts so that you posts often per day and your posts are spread out throughout the day so that you do not spam people’s dashboards. I usually only post 2 to 3 posts per day spread evenly throughout the day, Posting more would have given me more followers but I am unable to do that right now as I do not have the time and I do not want to simply reblog other peoples post’s.

  • Follow other tumblr blogs and read their about me pages and give a well thought out compliment to the blogger or just start a conversation. Then like their stuff and reblog some of their stuff so that they take notice, this will lead to that person checking out your Tumblr and reblogging, liking or even following you.

  • When you reblog other people’s stuff be sure to write something as a caption to make it unique, possibly a caption related to the pic or a funny comment, Tumblr peeps love a sense of humor.

  • Reply to those who ask you stuff except maybe those annoying anons who have nothing better to do than ask rubbish.
how to get more followers and traffic on Tumblr screenshot
Screenshot of my Tumblr Google Analytics, showing growing traffic to my Tumblr  from AUG 2012 - JAN  2013

  • I prefer a theme with a side bar, not the cluttered theme with pictures everywhere. A simple theme with a few pictures per page does the job. In your side bar place a picture of your or your interests creates a good first impression, and if the people are interested in getting to know you further make sure you have an “about me” page where you share some interesting things about yourself. You can modify and personalise a theme to look unique by messing about with the code. I personally just googled colour codes and I changed my common theme to a unique one. Check out my blog to see for yourself , its nothing spectacular but it serves its function.

  • If you are good with photoshop even better for you because you could create beautiful images and be as successful as That blog has a great design and a huge following which grows every day.

  • Lastly do not give up, I was stuck on 70 followers for a while about 6 months ago till I started doing the things I have been telling you about, now my Tumblr is growing at about  10 -15 followers a day. I know that is not a big number but it’s something, its shows growth. 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Social Media Exponential Growth

I remember at the beginning of 2009 I did not know what Facebook was, only a few people at my school had it and they had each other as friends, I was still using another social network called Mxit back then and I was not even that keen of social media then. I don't know how I joined Facebook or why I joined Facebook but I remember it was around April 2009, by December everyone I knew had it and it was Facebook status galore. People were sharing everything from sad stuff, to upcoming parties and relationship mumbo jumbo.

Some people had so many friends I was sure they could not have known so many people, people would invite you and you would accept but they would never say a word to you. I would have people from school or someone from my neighbourhood who would talk to me on Facebook but never in real life, I found that weird. You had people constantly changing their relationship statuses. People were becoming addicted in the masses.

Since then almost every major brand has a Facebook page, we have seen a shift from Facebook groups being popular to know, Facebook fan pages being the preferred method to interact with fans or customers. Facebook has become the leading marketing tool as well as twitter and the new comer Google+.

I have seen the founders of Facebook move faster up the rich list than other people especially in the past couple of years. There are always changes happening with Facebook, before you are even used to a recent change another is being made.

As for twitter I did not like it initially I am still not sure I like it, I have heard people who use it for personal use say its the new in thing and facebook is so last year(I don't think so!), the fact that you are limited to a certain number of characters and that people update their status regularly is almost irritating. There are alot of weird non human profiles which are shady as well, and its like a home made porn site. Those very same characteristics apparently make it good for social media marketing which is why I joined and not for personal reasons.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

social media or antisocial media?

You always hear stories about how our parents used to be so active when they were young. They tell you they used to play lots of sports and other outdoor activities. Nowadays most teenagers and young adults just play computer games or games on gaming consoles, we watch too much television because of the wide array of tv channels to watch, and the most viral form of distraction in the 21st is now social networking sites like facebook, twitter.

It used to be only nerds and geeks used to socialise using the internet, but now everyone including parents and business people are using social network sites. I for one am guilty of using social networks but so are the majority of people I know. I have no issue with social networks but somehow they have managed to replace real life interaction and activity for virtual communication. The birth of the smartphone has aided in the spread of this global epidemic, because they allow you to access and update these social networking sites on the move. This in turn has contributed to an increase of antisocial behaviour, I mean you would be speaking to someone and their attention would be on their phone checking who is tweeting what and liking that statement... I mean its ridiculous some people forget theres still a reality here. Sometimes when I am studying on my laptop I would take a break by checking out facebook and updating my status and the break ends up longer than the study period, I have seen it with most of the kids on campus as well, when you walk into a com-lab you see most screens on facebook. Some people chat on facebook for whole days without doing anything productive.

I do not believe these social networks were meant to take over your life, but thats what they have done and have proven to be very addictive just like television and the games before them. They also contribute to poor health and an antisocial frame of mind in that instead of actual human contact people would rather click away on their mobiles and pc's.

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